Brain Center nieuws

Brain Center nieuws

Interview with Professor Martine van Zandvoort

Martine van Zandvoort

Martine van Zandvoort has been professor of Translational Neuropsychology since 1 July 2021. Her chair, which was established within the strategic theme Brain, creates a bridge between the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University and the Faculty of Medicine at UMC Utrecht.

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MRI scanner measures the beating of the brain

MRI Scan

Researchers at UMC Utrecht have taught the MRI scanner a new trick. With it, the device can map how the brain pulses slightly under the influence of the heartbeat. The beating of the brain is a fascinating phenomenon that we currently know very little about.

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Tapering strips help people stop using antidepressants

antidepressant medication

When people want to stop taking antidepressants or other psychotropic medications, slow tapering is necessary to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Research by Jim van Os en Peter Groot shows again that the use of tapering medications can help 70% of the people to successfully stop their antidepressant medication.

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Hugo Kuijf receives Heart Foundation grant for innovative machine learning model

Hugo Kuijf

Hugo Kuijf today receives the Dekker Senior Scientist 2021 grant from the Dutch Heart Foundation for his research that uses self-learning computer algorithms to image damage to the small blood vessels in the brain.

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Vidi grant for Frank Meye

Frank Meye, researcher at the UMC Utrecht Braincenter, is one of the seven researchers from the UMC Utrecht that have been awarded a Vidi grant. Frank receives the grant for his research into how stress alters the brain to make fat and sugar even harder to resist.

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Bart van der Worp Professor of Acute Neurology

Bart van der Worp has been appointed Professor of Acute Neurology, with a special interest in cerebrovascular diseases, at the Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University with effect from 1 March 2021.

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Grant for research prevention of brain diseases

An amount of over five million euros, divided over six grants, has been awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for research into innovative measurement methods to better understand and treat diseases. Two of the grants go to researchers at the UMC Utrecht.

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Mathematical brain model helpful in epilepsy surgery

Removing as small a brain area as possible to stop epileptic seizures. That is epilepsy surgery.

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Exercise as medicine after a stroke

People sit too much and do not exercise enough. Also after a stroke. This increases the risk of another stroke and premature death. Roderick Wondergem investigated the health risks and developed a coaching program. “Excessive sitting is habitual behavior. To break that habit, confidence in one's own abilities is crucial.”

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New, international partnership: an important step for SMA research

As part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, the European Union has recently awarded funding to a large, international partnership between the SMA Center of Expertise of the UMC Utrecht and researchers from other European countries. This is the first time that a large SMA consortium is sponsored by the European Union. An important step for SMA research.

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