dr. P.M. (Peter) van de Ven

dr. P.M. (Peter) van de Ven

Associate Professor
dr. P.M. (Peter) van de Ven
  • Julius Center, dept. Epidemiology & Health Economics

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I am a Senior Biostatistician in Clinical Trial Methodology working within the Department of Data Science and Biostatistics of the Julius Center. My interests lie in innovative clinical trial methodology (both development and application) and Bayesian adaptive methods in particular. I also act as a methodology assessor (seconded) for the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen: CBG-MEB) and as statistical consultant for the RS virus research group at Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis. I am the secretary of the UMC Utrecht's internal DSMB.  

From July 2009 until April 2021 I worked at the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc as a researcher, a statistical consultant and methodology member of the hospital's institutional review board (METc).

I hold a PhD degree in Statistics from Eindhoven University of Technology (2007), a M.A. degree in Health Psychology from Tilburg University (2003) and a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Mathematics from Eindhoven University of Technology (2001). I have held postdoctoral research positions at the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute S3RI (2007-2008) and TNO Quality of Life (2008-2009).

Side Activities

Member of the Internal Grant Review Committee Development of the Dutch Cancer Society (since 2022)

Expert statistical reviewer for Diabetologia (since 2020)

Member of the Statistical Expert Panel of the Dutch Oncology Research Platform DORP (since 2019)

Member of several external Data Safety and Monitoring Boards (since 2017)

Research Output (28)

Magnesium hydroxide versus macrogol/electrolytes in the prevention of opioid-induced constipation in incurable cancer patients:study protocol for an open-label, randomized controlled trial (the OMAMA study)

Kistemaker K. R.J., de Graeff A., Crul M., de Klerk G., van de Ven P. M., van der Meulen M. P., van Zuylen L., Steegers M. A.H. 14 Mar 2023, In: BMC Palliative care. 22 , p. 1-8 8 p.

Nosocomial RSV-related In-hospital Mortality in Children <5 Years:A Global Case Series

Löwensteyn Yvette N, Willemsen Joukje E, Mazur Natalie I, Scheltema Nienke M, van Haastregt Nynke C J, Buuren Amber A A Ten, van Roessel Ichelle, Scheepmaker Dunja, Nair Harish, van de Ven Peter M, Bont Louis J, 1 Jan 2023, In: The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 42 , p. 1-7 7 p.

Reducing severe fatigue in patients with diffuse glioma:a study protocol for an RCT on the effect of blended cognitive behavioural therapy

Röttgering Jantine Geertruida, Douw Linda, de Witt Hamer Philip C, Kouwenhoven Mathilde C M, Würdinger Tom, van de Ven Peter M, Sharpe Louise, Knoop Hans, Klein Martin Dec 2022, In: Trials. 23 , p. 568

Evaluation of an implementation strategy for Individual Placement and Support in the Netherlands:a 30-month observational study

Vukadin Miljana, Schaafsma Frederieke G, Michon Harry W C, Cillekens Bart, van de Ven Peter M, Juurlink Trees, Anema Johannes R Dec 2022, In: BMC Psychiatry. 22 , p. 473

Alternative Randomized Trial Designs in Surgery:A Systematic Review

Augustinus Simone, van Goor Iris W J M, Berkhof Johannes, Daamen Lois A, Groot Koerkamp Bas, Mackay Tara M, Molenaar I Q, van Santvoort Hjalmar C, Verkooijen Helena M, van de Ven Peter M, Besselink Marc G 1 Nov 2022, In: Annals of surgery. 276 , p. 753-760 8 p.

Functional stress imaging to predict abnormal coronary fractional flow reserve:the PACIFIC 2 study

Driessen Roel S, van Diemen Pepijn A, Raijmakers Pieter G, Knuuti Juhani, Maaniitty Teemu, Underwood S Richard, Nagel Eike, Robbers Lourens F H J, Demirkiran Ahmet, von Bartheld Martin B, van de Ven Peter M, Hofstra Leonard, Somsen G Aernout, Tulevski Igor I, Boellaard Ronald, van Rossum Albert C, Danad Ibrahim, Knaapen Paul 1 Sep 2022, In: European heart journal. 43 , p. 3118-3128 11 p.

International changes in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) epidemiology during the COVID-19 pandemic:Association with school closures

Billard Marie Noëlle, van de Ven Peter M., Baraldi Bianca, Kragten-Tabatabaie Leyla, Bont Louis J., Wildenbeest Joanne G. Sep 2022, In: Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. 16 , p. 926-936 11 p.

Cannabinoids to Improve Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Neurological or Oncological Disease:A Meta-Analysis

Belgers Vera, Röttgering Jantine G, Douw Linda, Klein Martin, Ket Johannes C F, van de Ven Peter M, Würdinger Thomas, van Linde Myra E, Niers Johanna M, Weber Markus, Olde Rikkert Marcel G, Lopez-Sendon Jose, Arrieta Oscar, Svendsen Kristina B, Chagas Marcos H N, de Almeida Carlos M O, Kouwenhoven Mathilde C M, de Witt Hamer Philip C 21 Jul 2022, In: Cannabis and cannabinoid research. 8 , p. 41-55 15 p.

Ischaemic electrocardiogram patterns and its association with survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients without ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction:a COACT trials' post-hoc subgroup analysis

Spoormans Eva M, Lemkes Jorrit S, Janssens Gladys N, Soultana Ouissal, van der Hoeven Nina W, Jewbali Lucia S D, Dubois Eric A, Meuwissen Martijn, Rijpstra Tom A, Bosker Hans A, Blans Michiel J, Bleeker Gabe B, Baak Remon, Vlachojannis Georgios J, Eikemans Bob J W, van der Harst Pim, van der Horst Iwan C C, Voskuil Michiel, van der Heijden Joris J, Beishuizen Albertus, Stoel Martin, Camaro Cyril, van der Hoeven Hans, Henriques José P, Vlaar Alexander P J, Vink Maarten A, van den Bogaard Bas, Heestermans Ton A C M, de Ruijter Wouter, Delnoij Thijs S R, Crijns Harry J G M, Oemrawsingh Pranobe V, Gosselink Marcel T M, Plomp Koos, Magro Michael, Elbers Paul W G, van de Ven Peter M, van Royen Niels 3 Jun 2022, In: European heart journal. Acute cardiovascular care. 11 , p. 535-543 9 p.

The impact of coronary revascularization on vessel-specific coronary flow capacity and long-term outcomes:a serial [15O]H2O positron emission tomography perfusion imaging study

de Winter Ruben W, Jukema Ruurt A, van Diemen Pepijn A, Schumacher Stefan P, Driessen Roel S, Stuijfzand Wynand J, Everaars Henk, Bom Michiel J, van Rossum Albert C, van de Ven Peter M, Verouden Niels J, Nap Alexander, Raijmakers Pieter G, Danad Ibrahim, Knaapen Paul 1 Jun 2022, In: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging. 23 , p. 743-752 10 p.

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