dr. V.C. (Virissa) Lenters

dr. V.C. (Virissa) Lenters

Assistant Professor
dr. V.C. (Virissa) Lenters
  • Julius Center, dept. Global Public Health & Bioethics



Virissa Lenters is Assistant Professor in environmental epidemiology at the Amsterdam Institute for Life and Environment (A-LIFE) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and affiliated as a visiting researcher with the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care at the University Medical Center Utrecht. She earned her MSc and PhD in Epidemiology from Utrecht University. 

Virissa Lenters investigates how plastic and chemical pollution impact reproductive and child health. She (co-)leads research in national (FLES) and EU-funded projects on the health risks of microplastics and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (AURORAGOLIATHFREIA) and has contributed to (inter)national chemical risk assessments. She also investigates disparities in exposure to pollution and factors that promote resilience and susceptibility to environmental insults. Her teaching and societal engagement more broadly address planetary health, public health, and exposome science.

She recently described her research for the Studium Generale public lecture series of Utrecht University: 'How our environment affects our health'.

Research Output (15)

Perinatal exposure to potential endocrine disrupting chemicals and autism spectrum disorder:From Norwegian birth cohort to zebrafish studies

Desalegn Anteneh Assefa, van der Ent Wietske, Lenters Virissa, Iszatt Nina, Stigum Hein, Lyche Jan Ludvig, Berg Vidar, Kirstein-Smardzewska Karolina J., Esguerra Camila Vicencio, Eggesbø Merete Nov 2023, In: Environment International. 181

Urbanization gradient, diet, and gut microbiota in Sub-Saharan Africa:a systematic review

Paulo Linda Simon, Msema Bwire George, Klipstein-Grobusch K., Kamuhabwa Appolinary, Kwesigabo Gideon, Chillo Pilly, Asselbergs Folkert W., Lenters Virissa C. 12 Sep 2023, In: Frontiers in Microbiomes. 2

Associations between lifestyle factors and levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), phthalates and parabens in follicular fluid in women undergoing fertility treatment

Hallberg Ida, Björvang Richelle D., Hadziosmanovic Nermin, Koekkoekk Jacco, Pikki Anne, van Duursen Majorie, Lenters Virissa, Sjunnesson Ylva, Holte Jan, Berglund Lars, Persson Sara, Olovsson Matts, Damdimopoulou Pauliina Sep 2023, In: Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. 33 , p. 699-709 11 p.

Defining and Measuring Resilience in Children with a Chronic Disease:a Scoping Review

van der Laan Sabine E I, Berkelbach van der Sprenkel Emma E, Lenters Virissa C, Finkenauer Catrin, van der Ent Cornelis K, Nijhof Sanne L 10 Apr 2023, In: Adversity and resilience science. 4 , p. 105-123 19 p.

Multi-source data approach for personalized outcome prediction in lung cancer screening:update from the NELSON trial

Sidorenkov Grigory, Stadhouders Ralph, Jacobs Colin, Mohamed Hoesein Firdaus A.A., Gietema Hester A., Nackaerts Kristiaan, Saghir Zaigham, Heuvelmans Marjolein A., Donker Hylke C., Aerts Joachim G., Vermeulen Roel, Uitterlinden Andre, Lenters Virissa, van Rooij Jeroen, Schaefer-Prokop Cornelia, Groen Harry J.M., de Jong Pim A., Cornelissen Robin, Prokop Mathias, de Bock Geertruida H., Vliegenthart Rozemarijn Apr 2023, In: European Journal of Epidemiology. 38 , p. 445-454 10 p.

Prenatal Exposure to Metabolism-Disrupting Chemicals, Cord Blood Transcriptome Perturbations, and Birth Weight in a Belgian Birth Cohort

Cai Anran, Portengen Lützen, Ertaylan Gökhan, Legler Juliette, Vermeulen Roel, Lenters Virissa, Remy Sylvie Apr 2023, In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 24

Prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants and changes in infant growth and childhood growth trajectories

Cai Anran, Portengen Lützen, Govarts Eva, Martin Laura Rodriguez, Schoeters Greet, Legler Juliette, Vermeulen Roel, Lenters Virissa, Remy Sylvie Feb 2023, In: Chemosphere. 314

Association between chemical mixtures and female fertility in women undergoing assisted reproduction in Sweden and Estonia

Bellavia Andrea, Zou Runyu, Björvang Richelle D, Roos Kristine, Sjunnesson Ylva, Hallberg Ida, Holte Jan, Pikki Anne, Lenters Virissa, Portengen Lützen, Koekkoek Jacco, Lamoree Marja, Van Duursen Majorie, Vermeulen Roel, Salumets Andres, Velthut-Meikas Agne, Damdimopoulou Pauliina 28 Sep 2022, In: Environmental Research. 216 , p. 1-14

Predictors of Human Milk Fatty Acids and Associations with Infant Growth in a Norwegian Birth Cohort

Criswell Rachel L, Iszatt Nina, Demmelmair Hans, Ahmed Talat Bashir, Koletzko Berthold V, Lenters Virissa C, Eggesbø Merete Å 17 Sep 2022, In: Nutrients. 14

Environmental factors shaping the gut microbiome in a Dutch population

Gacesa R, Kurilshikov A, Vich Vila A, Sinha T, Klaassen M A Y, Bolte L A, Andreu-Sánchez S, Chen L, Collij V, Hu S, Dekens J A M, Lenters V C, Björk J R, Swarte J C, Swertz M A, Jansen B H, Gelderloos-Arends J, Jankipersadsing S, Hofker M, Vermeulen R C H, Sanna S, Harmsen H J M, Wijmenga C, Fu J, Zhernakova A, Weersma R K 13 Apr 2022, In: Nature. 604 , p. 732-739 8 p.

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