drs. M.H. (Mark Hans) Emanuel

drs. M.H. (Mark Hans) Emanuel

Assistant Professor - medical

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Research Output (65)

Live births after Asherman syndrome treatment

Hanstede Miriam M F, van der Meij Eva, Veersema Sebastiaan, Emanuel Mark Hans Oct 2021, In: Fertility and Sterility. 116 , p. 1181-1187 7 p.

Septum resection in women with a septate uterus:a cohort study

Rikken J F W, Verhorstert K W J, Emanuel M H, Bongers M Y, Spinder T, Kuchenbecker W, Jansen F W, van der Steeg J W, Janssen C A H, Kapiteijn K, Schols W A, Torrenga B, Torrance H L, Verhoeve H R, Huirne J A F, Hoek A, Nieboer T E, van Rooij I A J, Clark T J, Robinson L, Stephenson M D, Mol B W J, van der Veen F, van Wely M, Goddijn M 30 Apr 2020, In: Human Reproduction. 35 , p. 1578-1588 11 p.

Clinical Aspects of HyFoSy as Tubal Patency Test in Subfertility Workup

Exalto Niek, Emanuel Mark Hans 8 Jul 2019, In: BioMed Research International. 2019

Septum resection in women with a septate uterus: a cohort study

Rikken J. F., Verhorstert K. W., Emanuel M. H., Kuchenbecker W. K., Jansen F. W., Torrenga B., Schols W. A., Verhoeve H. R., Hoek A., Clark T. J., Stephenson M., Mol B. W., Van der Veen F., Van Wely M., Goddijn M., Bongers M. Y., van der Steeg J. W., Janssen I. A. H., Kapiteijn K., Torrance H. L., Huirne J. A. F., Nieboer T. E., van Rooij I. A., Robinson L. Jul 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 25-25

The persisting challenge of Asherman's syndrome

Emanuel M. H. Jul 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 98-98

The pathophysiology of the septate uterus: a systematic review

Rikken J. F. W., Leeuwis-Fedorovich N. E., Letteboer S., Emanuel M. H., Limpens J., van der Veen F., Goddijn M., van Wely M. 1 Jan 2019, In: BJOG - An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 126 , p. 1192-1199 8 p.

Congenital Uterine Malformation by Experts (CUME):diagnostic criteria for T-shaped uterus

Ludwin A, Coelho Neto M A, Ludwin I, Nastri C O, Costa W, Acién M, Alcazar J L, Benacerraf B, Condous G, DeCherney A, De Wilde R-L, Diamond M P, Emanuel M H, Guerriero S, Hurd W, Levine D, Lindheim S, Pellicer A, Petraglia F, Saridogan E, Martins W P 2019, In: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 55 , p. 815-829 15 p.

The randomised uterine septum transsection trial (TRUST):Design and protocol

Rikken J. F.W., Kowalik C. R., Emanuel M. H., Bongers M. Y., Spinder T., De Kruif J. H., Bloemenkamp K. W.M., Jansen F. W., Veersema S., Mulders A. G.M.G.J., Thurkow A. L., Hald K., Mohazzab A., Khalaf Y., Clark T. J., Farrugia M., Van Vliet H. A., Stephenson M. S., Van Der Veen F., Van Wely M., Mol B. W.J., Goddijn M. 5 Oct 2018, In: BMC Women's Health. 18

Congenital Uterine Malformation by Experts (CUME):better criteria for distinguishing between normal/arcuate and septate uterus?

Ludwin A., Martins W. P., Nastri C. O., Ludwin I., Coelho Neto M. A., Leitão V. M., Acién M., Alcazar J. L., Benacerraf B., Condous G., De Wilde R. L., Emanuel M. H., Gibbons W., Guerriero S., Hurd W. W., Levine D., Lindheim S., Pellicer A., Petraglia F., Saridogan E. 1 Jan 2018, In: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 51 , p. 101-109 9 p.

AAGL practice report:practice guidelines on intrauterine adhesions developed in collaboration with the European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE)

Abbott Jason A., Munro Malcolm G., Singh Sony S., Scheib Stacey, Jackson Tiffany R., Jansen Frank, Chahine E. Britton, Deans Rebecca, Emanuel Mark Hans, Di Spiezio Sardo Attilio, Campo Rudi, De Wilde Rudy Leon, 1 Dec 2017, In: Gynecological Surgery. 14 , p. 6

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