dr. G.M. (Guus) Bol

dr. G.M. (Guus) Bol

Assistant Professor - medical

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Research Output (21)

Comparison of NTRK fusion detection methods in microsatellite-instability-high metastatic colorectal cancer

Schraa Suzanna J, Stelloo Ellen, Laclé Miangela M, Swennenhuis Joost F, Brosens Lodewijk A A, Fijneman Remond J A, Feitsma Harma, Koopman Miriam, de Leng Wendy W, Vink Geraldine R, Bol Guus M 17 Apr 2023, In: Virchows Archives. 482 , p. 983-992 10 p.

Spontaneous Complete Regression of Colon Cancer Liver Metastases in a Lung Transplant Patient:A Case Report

Zwart Koen, Ruigrok Dieuwertje, de Graaf-Bos Magda, Goldschmeding Roel, Koopman Miriam, Bol Guus M 2023, In: Case reports in transplantation. 2023

Fibroblast activation protein identifies Consensus Molecular Subtype 4 in colorectal cancer and allows its detection by 68Ga-FAPI-PET imaging

Strating Esther, Wassenaar Emma, Verhagen Mathijs, Rauwerdink Paulien, van Schelven Susanne, de Hingh Ignace, Rinkes Inne Borel, Boerma Djamila, Witkamp Arjen, Lacle Miangela, Fodde Riccardo, Volckmann Richard, Koster Jan, Stedingk Kris, Giesel Frederik, de Roos Remmert, Poot Alex, Bol Guus, Lam Marnix, Elias Sjoerd, Kranenburg Onno 1 Jul 2022, In: British Journal of Cancer. 127 , p. 145-155 11 p.

Trends in Use and Perceptions About Triplet Chemotherapy Plus Bevacizumab for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

van Nassau Sietske C, Bond Marinde J, Scheerman Ilva, van Breeschoten Jesper, Kessels Rob, Valkenburg-van Iersel Liselot B, Verheul Henk M, Buffart Tineke E, Mekenkamp Leonie J, Lemmens Valery E, Koopman Miriam, Bol Guus M, 10 Sep 2021, In: JAMA network open. 4

Welke plaats heeft FOLFOXIRI + bevacizumab bij de behandeling van gemetastaseerd colorectaal carcinoom?

Bond Marinde, Bol Guus, Koopman M, Punt Cornelis JA May 2021, In: Medische Oncologie. 24 , p. 30-31 2 p.

Targeting RNA helicase DDX3 in stem cell maintenance and teratoma formation

Kerr Candace L., Bol Guus M., Vesuna Farhad, Raman Venu Feb 2019, In: Genes & Cancer. 10 , p. 11-20 10 p.

Targeting mitochondrial translation by inhibiting DDX3:A novel radiosensitization strategy for cancer treatment

Heerma Van Voss M. R., Vesuna F., Bol G. M., Afzal J., Tantravedi Saritha, Bergman Y., Kammers Kai, Lehar M., Malek Reem, Ballew M., ter Hoeve N., Abou D., Thorek D., Berlinicke Cynthia, Yazdankhah M., Sinha D., le Couteur A., Abrahams R., Tran Phuoc T., Van Diest P. J., Raman V. 4 Jan 2018, In: Oncogene. 37 , p. 63-74 12 p.

Nuclear DDX3 expression predicts poor outcome in colorectal and breast cancer

Heerma Van Voss Marise R., Vesuna Farhad, Bol Guus M., Meeldijk Jan, Raman Ana, Offerhaus G. Johan, Buerger Horst, Patel Arvind H., Van Der Wall Elsken, Van Diest Paul J., Raman Venu 17 Jul 2017, In: OncoTargets and Therapy. 10 , p. 3501-3513 13 p.

Combination treatment using DDX3 and PARP inhibitors induces synthetic lethality in BRCA1-proficient breast cancer

Heerma van Voss Marise R., Brilliant Justin D., Vesuna Farhad, Bol Guus M., van der Wall Elsken, van Diest Paul J., Raman Venu 1 Mar 2017, In: Medical Oncology. 34

RK-33 radiosensitizes prostate cancer cells by blocking the RNA helicase DDX3

Xie Min, Vesuna Farhad, Tantravedi Saritha, Bol Guus M., Heerma van Voss Marise R, Nugent Katriana, Malek Reem, Gabrielson Kathleen, Van Diest Paul J., Tran Phuoc T., Raman Venu 1 Nov 2016, In: Cancer Research. 76 , p. 6340-6350 11 p.

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