regional Collaboration

regional Collaboration

Utrecht is an epicenter of research and education in Life Sciences. The presence at one geographical location of top-quality research groups in for example Molecular Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Human Medicine (including Child Health), with direct access to human and animal patient cohorts and clinical infrastructure, is unique in the Netherlands. Within Utrecht Life Sciences ongoing collaborations have been further strengthened. UMC Utrecht is located at Utrecht Science Park, De Uithof.

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HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe. Preparatory courses, Bachelor and Master programs and research degrees in fine art, design, media, games and interaction, music, theatre and arts management are offered.
The UMC Utrecht and the HKU collaborate on themes of research, education and valorization. HKU approaches issues from new, interdisciplinary views. By uniting applied, creative, technological and clinical knowledge HKU and UMC Utrecht can contribute to societal issues.

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The foundation Utrecht Science Park (USP) is an initiative of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the City and Province of Utrecht and UMC Utrecht. Main objective of USP is to develop the region by boosting companies and spin-offs and to attract innovation and employment. The concentration of training, research and business in the area offers exciting opportunities for networking and exchanging knowledge. Utrecht Science Park attracts daily more than 20,000 employees and 50,000 students.

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The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) works to prevent and control outbreaks of infectious diseases. RIVM promotes public health and consumer safety, and helps to protect the quality of the environment. UMC Utrecht and RIVM are working together in the field of infectious diseases, toxicology, epidemiology and preventives. In 2010 a declaration was signed to further strengthen the ongoing collaboration in the field of human toxicology by transferring the National Poisons Information Center (Nationaal Vergiftigingen Informatie Centrum) to the UMC Utrecht. Graduate students who perform their research at the RIVM participate in the Graduate School of Life Sciences program Infection & Immunity.

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The Graduate School of Life Sciences organizes all Utrecht University Master and PhD programs focused on micro-organisms, plants, animals, humans, the molecules of life, health and disease. The Graduate School of Life Sciences combines training and education for Master students and PhD candidates, thus incorporating theory and practice at both levels and allowing overall quality control and consistency. The Graduate School of Life Sciences aims to train future scientists who, with their acquired knowledge, insight and skills, are able to independently perform top research in an international environment and hence contribute to the resolution of important societal issues.

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The Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) was founded on 31 October 2012. The EBU is a collaboration between business communities, authorities, knowledge and social institutes. UMC Utrecht is participating in the joint effort to further strengthen the regional economy and spur innovations that make people’s lives healthier and more sustainable. EBU focuses on three themes: Healthy living, Green economy, and Service innovation. EBU organizes network events on a regular basis.

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