OncoCareer Board

OncoCareer Board

The OncoCareer Board consists of nine enthusiastic early-career scientists from different departments within the Strategic Program Cancer of the UMC Utrecht, and provides a supportive network for early-career scientists (assistant professors, post docs, MD-PhDs) within this Strategic Program.

The OncoCareer Board has three major goals:

  1. Create a nurturing environment for both local and international early-career scientists within the UMC Utrecht
  2. Promote career and personal development opportunities within and outside the UMC Utrecht
  3. Facilitate early-career scientists to connect with peers by creating a coherent community

To achieve these goals, we will create an online platform where early-career scientists can find the resources they need for their career and personal development. In addition, we will organize and promote workshops (e.g. career development, project management, professional leadership, gender equality, ethnic and cultural diversity), academic and industry seminars and social networking events of interest within the UMC Utrecht, University of Utrecht and greater Utrecht area. Through feedback forms, surveys and other forms of communication we will periodically assess if what we offer is what you want / need, and what we can do to help you developing an excellent career! 

You can contact us by sending a mail to:

Members OncoCareer Board: 

Thijs Koorman

Thijs Koorman is a postdoc in the lab of Patrick Derksen at the department of Pathology within the division lab. He studies invasive breast cancer by combining bioengineering with high-end microscopy to define novel clinical opportunities.

Aniek Janssen

Aniek Janssen is an assistant professor at the Molecular Cancer Research department within the division LAB. Her lab focusses on understanding the mechanisms of DNA damage repair and how misregulation of this process could contribute to cancer development.

Stefano Mandija

Stefano Mandija is a postdoc at the departments of Radiology and Radiotherapy of the UMC Utrecht. His research focuses on the development and clinical translation of quantitative MRI methods and MRI biomarkers for diagnostic and radiotherapy treatment response prediction and monitoring.

Anja van der Kolk

Anja van der Kolk is a clinician-scientist who is passionate about combining clinical questions with technical solutions, in particular (ultrahigh field) MRI and nuclear medicine. Her research focuses on molecular imaging of brain tumors, using 7T MRI as well as new PET agents, and the role these new techniques could play in identifying tumor cells and differentiating them from non-tumorous tissue (like healthy or radiation-damaged tissue).

Yuana Yuana

Yuana Yuana is a principal investigator in the Division Imaging of UMC Utrecht with expertise in extracellular vesicles in diagnostic and drug delivery. Currently, she and her team work on the development of drug delivery strategies using extracellular vesicles and microbubbles-assisted ultrasound for non-invasive cancer treatment. She also holds a position as a head of laboratory in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of TU Eindhoven.

Evita Wiegers

Evita Wiegers is a postdoc at the high-field MR research group, imaging division. Her research focusses on metabolic imaging of brain tumors using MRI.

Frederieke van der Baan

Frederieke van der Baan is an epidemiologist and senior researcher in the Center of Expertise in Palliative Care at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care.

Marta Cuenca-Lopera

Marta Cuenca-Lopera is a postdoc at the Center for Translational Immunology within the division LAB. Her research focuses on the development of 3D culture systems for testing patient-specific drug sensitivity in multiple myeloma, and on finding novel ways to target malignant cells that are resistant to treatment.

Michiel Boekhout

Michiel Boekhout is a postdoc in the lab of Hugo Snippert at the department of Molecular Cancer Research within the division LAB. He works on chromosomal instability, using patient derived organoids to understand how chromosomes misbehave during cell division and what consequences that behavior has for the genome and fate of the daughter cells.

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