dr. M.I.A. (Michel) Wyndaele

dr. M.I.A. (Michel) Wyndaele

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. M.I.A. (Michel) Wyndaele
  • Department of Urology



Studie Geneeskunde: Universiteit Antwerpen
Datum afstuderen: 2006
Doctoraatsonderzoek: 2006-2011
Datum promotie: 2014
Titel proefschrift: Interactions between bladder and bowel: clinical and experimental studies

2011-2016: Opleiding tot Uroloog
2016: Fellow of the European Board of Urology
2016-2017: Senior clinical fellow in female and functional Urology Southmead Hospital – North Bristol NHS Trust - Bristol, UK
2017: Fellowship functionele en reconstructieve Urologie UMC Utrecht
2017-2018: Fellowship reconstructieve urethrachirurgie UZ Gent - Gent, België
2018-heden: Uroloog UMC Utrecht

Research Output (20)

Themapoli voor ketamine-geïnduceerde cystitis:eerste ervaringen en resultaten

van der Sanden Wouter M.H., Wyndaele Michel, Schipper Robert A., de Kort Laetitia M.O. 2023, In: Tijdschrift voor Urologie. 13 , p. 44-50 7 p.

Changes in bladder emptying during inpatient rehabilitation after spinal cord injury and predicting factors:data from the Dutch Spinal Cord Injury Database

Poublon Claire G, Scholten Eline W M, Wyndaele Michel I A, Post Marcel W M, Stolwijk-Swüste Janneke M 2023, In: Spinal Cord. 61 , p. 624-631 8 p.

Intermittent catheterisation: The devil is still in the details

Walter Matthias, Wyndaele Michel, Keppenne Veronique, Vrijens Desiree , Averbeck Marcio Augusto, Konstantinidis Charalampos, Welk Blayne, Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Kennelly Michael, Phé Véronique, Vahr Lauridsen Susanne, Pannek Jurgen, Kessler Thomas M., Chhabra H.S., Theron Francois, Nightingale Tom E., Krassioukov Andrei 9 Dec 2022, In: International Continence Survey. 4 , p. 1-2 2 p.

What do X-ray images of the bladder during video urodynamics show us in patients with spinal cord injury?

Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Wyndaele Michel, Rapidi Christina-Anastasia, Krassioukov Andrei 23 Feb 2022, In: Spinal Cord. 60 , p. 408-413 6 p.

What is the clinical meaning of a negative bulbocavernosus reflex in spinal cord injury patients?

Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Quaghebeur Jörgen, Wyndaele Michel 18 Feb 2022, In: Spinal cord series and cases. 8 , p. 1-4

Testing sensation of gently squeezing the testes has diagnostic value in spinal cord injury men

Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Wyndaele Michel I A J, Sakakibara Ryuji 30 Jul 2021, In: Spinal cord series and cases. 7


Drake M., Ong Michael, Desai D , Wyndaele Michel, Woodward M, Hashim Hashim 28 Jun 2021, p. 158-192

Female stress urinary incontinence surgery: ‘Resurgence of the Titans’

Wyndaele Michel, Madhu Chendrimada, Hashim Hashim 28 May 2021, In: Turkish Journal of Urology. 47 , p. 210-215 6 p.

Sensations Reported During Urodynamic Bladder Filling in Spinal Cord Injury Patients Give Additional Important Information

Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Wyndaele Michel, Rosier Peter F.W.M. 3 Apr 2021, In: International neurourology journal. 26 , p. S30-S37

Combining different evaluations of sensation to assess the afferent innervation of the lower urinary tract after SCI

Wyndaele Jean Jacques, Wyndaele Michel Feb 2021, In: Spinal Cord. 59 , p. 201-206 6 p.

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