dr. ir. J.P. (Jannie) Wijnen

dr. ir. J.P. (Jannie) Wijnen

Associate Professor
dr. ir. J.P. (Jannie) Wijnen
  • Precision Imaging Group



The mission of my research is to use metabolic imaging in the diagnosis and treatment planning of metabolic disorders and cancer. I believe that direct measurement of tissue metabolism in the patient will lead to better understanding of the disease in the individual patient and can therefore faster translate to a change in diagnosis and consequently treatment, to better help the patient. I strive to invent and make available advanced metabolic imaging methods to aid diagnosis and treatment of the most vulnerable group of patients; children with metabolic diseases and solid tumours, who may greatly benefit from non-invasive metabolic characterisation of their disease.


I have a background in Biomedical Engineering and obtained my PhD in biomedicine on the topic of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of human brain tumours at the Radboud University Nijmegen-Medical Centre. After a short post-doc position at the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU) (Marina van Damma Grant), I obtained the Niels Stensen fellowship which enabled me to work as a postdoc to learn about pre-clinical research in oncology in the In-vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (ICMIC) from the department of radiology in the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, (Baltimore, USA) in 2011. I continued my post-doctoral research on advanced metabolic imaging methods at high magnetic field for human applications in the brain and body in the Leiden University Medical Centre and UMCU in 2012, and since 2019 as Associate Professor in the high field MR research group in the UCMU. Being part of this group, I have access to a large multidisciplinary team of experts on MRI and unique MRI equipment (7 Tesla MR system, MetaScanner). I guide and supervise master and PhD students in projects that make use of this equipment to study neurological diseases, metabolic diseases and cancer both in adults and children.

Fellowship and Awards


VIDI (NWO) "Silent MRI with the speed of CT and richer metabolic information than PET' (2020)

This research will cross hardware and physiological barriers to create images reflecting brain metabolism in a fast and silent way. By using new hardware and metabolic imaging techniques motion-related artefacts and the oppressive acoustic noise related to conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging are overcome. Thereby we facilitate fast and silent metabolic imaging to monitor disease progression and response to treatment in children with metabolic brain diseases and brain tumors.


Eurostars VM Biopsy! (2019) "Rapid virtual metabolic biopsy for neuroscience and clinical diagnosis"

other partners:MR Shim GmbH, Multiwave Technologies SA, Wavetronica

WKZ Research fund 'Non-invasive characterization of paediatric brain tumours using metabolic imaging at high magnetic field' (2018)

In collaboration with dr. M.H. Lequin, Paediatric (Neuro)Radiologist, Department of Radiology, WKZ/UMCU, dr. J.M. de Bont, Paediatric Neurologist, Department of Neurology, WKZ, dr. S.L.A. Plasschaert, Paediatric Oncologist, PMC

Eurostars IMAGINE! (2018) 'Real time Intraoperative Head-optimised Magnetic Resonance Imaging (hiMRI) forbrain surgery'

Other partners: MRCoils, Multiwave Technologies SA, Tesla Engineering Ltd, Princes Maxima Center.

Alpe d'Huzes grant 'Saving breast cancer patients from ineffective cytotoxic treatment' (2014)
Other applicants: Prof. dr. M.A.A.J. van den Bosch (department of Radiology UMCU), Prof. dr. H.W.M. van Laarhoven (department of Oncology AMC)

VENI (NWO) 'Towards non-invasive metabolic imaging of breast cancer staging at 7 Tesla to guide treatments' (2013)
Momenteel zijn er nauwelijks technieken om effecten van chemotherapie direct in de patiënt te kunnen meten. De onderzoekers gaan impact van therapie bestuderen met Magnetische Resonantie Spectroscopie, zodat vroegtijdig, zonder operaties, de therapie op individuele basis gestuurd kan worden.

Marina van Damme grant (2010)
This award has been made possible by a donation from Mrs Marina van Damme (1953). She is a Delft engineering graduate and the first female to gain a PhD at the University of Twente. She has had a distinguished career in science and industry. Marina van Damme wants to enable young female engineering graduates of TU/e to develop and boost their job and career prospects.

Niels Stensen Fellowship 'Monitoring of response to breast cancer therapy by 31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy' (2010)

Since the 1960s, the Niels Stensen Fellowship has been awarded annually to outstanding researchers who recently received their PhD to enable them to gain research experience at a top university or institute abroad.The aim of the Niels Stensen Fellowship is to encourage these talented young researchers by means of facilitating their academic research abroad. The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee would like to be introduced to candidates who have shown academic excellence as well as social commitment. The fellowship is open to all academic disciplines

Research Output (67)

Will standardization kill innovation?

Wijnen Jannie P., Seiberlich Nicole, Golay Xavier Aug 2023, In: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine. 36 , p. 525-528 4 p.

Introduction of ultra-high-field MR brain imaging in infants:vital parameters, temperature and comfort

van Ooijen I. M., Annink K. V., Benders M. J.N.L., Dudink J., Alderliesten T., Groenendaal F., Tataranno M. L., Lequin M. H., Hoogduin J. M., Visser F., Raaijmakers A. J.E., Klomp D. W.J., Wiegers E. C., Wijnen J. P., van der Aa N. E. Jun 2023, In: Neuroimage: Reports. 3 6 p.

Associations between N-Acetylaspartate and white matter integrity in individuals with schizophrenia and unaffected relatives

Roberts Dominic, Rösler Lara, Wijnen Jannie P., Thakkar Katharine N. Apr 2023, In: Psychiatry Research - Neuroimaging. 330

Deuterium echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (EPSI) in the human liver in vivo at 7 T

Nam Kyung Min, Gursan Ayhan, Bhogal Alex A, Wijnen Jannie P, Klomp Dennis W J, Prompers Jeanine J, Hendriks Arjan D 2023, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 90 , p. 863-874 12 p.

Advanced intraoperative MRI in pediatric brain tumor surgery

Jellema Pien E J, Wijnen Jannie P, De Luca Alberto, Mutsaerts Henk J M M, Obdeijn Iris V, van Baarsen Kirsten M, Lequin Maarten H, Hoving Eelco W 2023, In: Frontiers in Physiology. 14

Proton metabolic mapping of the brain at 7 T using a two-dimensional free induction decay-echo-planar spectroscopic imaging readout with lipid suppression

Nam Kyung Min, Hendriks Arjan D, Boer Vincent O, Klomp Dennis W J, Wijnen Jannie P, Bhogal Alex A Oct 2022, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 35

7T metabolic MRI in focal epilepsy

Jacobs S. M., Shams Z., Wiegers E. C., Wijnen J. P., Klomp D. W., Versteeg E., Siero J. C. W., Muhlebner A., Van Hecke W., Robe P. A., Zijlmans M., Van der Kolk A. G. Sep 2022, In: Epilepsia. 63 , p. 34-35

Glutamate levels across deep brain structures in patients with a psychotic disorder and its relation to cognitive functioning

Broeders Tommy Aa, Bhogal Alex A, Morsinkhof Lisan M, Schoonheim Menno M, Röder Christian H, Edens Mirte, Klomp Dennis Wj, Wijnen Jannie P, Vinkers Christiaan H Apr 2022, In: Journal of Psychopharmacology. 36 , p. 489-497 9 p.

Identifying the source of spurious signals caused by B <sub>0</sub> inhomogeneities in single-voxel <sup>1</sup>H MRS

Shams Zahra, Klomp Dennis W J, Boer Vincent O, Wijnen Jannie P, Wiegers Evita C 28 Mar 2022, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 88 , p. 71-82 12 p.

A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effects of a 12-Week High- vs. Low-Intensity Exercise Intervention on Hippocampal Structure and Function in Healthy, Young Adults

Kaiser Antonia, Reneman Liesbeth, Solleveld Michelle M, Coolen Bram F, Scherder Erik J A, Knutsson Linda, Bjørnerud Atle, van Osch Matthias J P, Wijnen Jannie P, Lucassen Paul J, Schrantee Anouk 21 Jan 2022, In: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 12

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