dr. M. (Marta) Villani

dr. M. (Marta) Villani

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. M. (Marta) Villani
  • Reproductive Medicine & Gynecology - Medical

Research Output (20)

Parental genomes segregate into distinct blastomeres during multipolar zygotic divisions leading to mixoploid and chimeric blastocysts

De Coster Tine, Masset Heleen, Tšuiko Olga, Catteeuw Maaike, Zhao Yan, Dierckxsens Nicolas, Aparicio Ainhoa Larreategui, Dimitriadou Eftychia, Debrock Sophie, Peeraer Karen, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Smits Katrien, Van Soom Ann, Vermeesch Joris Robert Dec 2022, In: Genome Biology. 23

Dual spindles assemble in bovine zygotes despite the presence of paternal centrosomes

Schneider Isabell, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Hossain M Julius, Stout Tom A E, Ellenberg Jan 1 Nov 2021, In: The Journal of cell biology. 220

Effect of a long-term high-energy diet on cardiovascular parameters in Shetland pony mares

D' Fonseca Nicky M M, Beukers Martjin, Wijnberg Inge D, Navas de Solis Cristobal, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, van Doorn David A, Stout Tom A E, Roelfsema Ellen Sep 2021, In: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 35 , p. 2427-2436 10 p.

Effect of Overfeeding Shetland Pony Mares on Embryonic Glucose and Lipid Accumulation, and Expression of Imprinted Genes

D' Fonseca Nicky M M, Gibson Charlotte M E, van Doorn David A, Roelfsema Ellen, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Stout Tom A E 26 Aug 2021, In: Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. 11

Overfeeding Extends the Period of Annual Cyclicity but Increases the Risk of Early Embryonic Death in Shetland Pony Mares

D'Fonseca Nicky M M, Gibson Charlotte M E, Hummel Iris, van Doorn David A, Roelfsema Ellen, Stout Tom A E, van den Broek Jan, de Ruijter-Villani Marta 1 Feb 2021, In: Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. 11 , p. 1-12 12 p.

Compromised MPS1 Activity Induces Multipolar Spindle Formation in Oocytes From Aged Mares:Establishing the Horse as a Natural Animal Model to Study Age-Induced Oocyte Meiotic Spindle Instability

Rizzo Marilena, Stout Tom A E, Cristarella Santo, Quartuccio Marco, Kops Geert J P L, De Ruijter-Villani Marta 2021, In: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 9

The horse as a natural model to study reproductive aging-induced aneuploidy and weakened centromeric cohesion in oocytes

Rizzo Marilena, du Preez Nikola, Ducheyne Kaatje D, Deelen Claudia, Beitsma Mabel M, Stout Tom A E, de Ruijter-Villani Marta 2 Nov 2020, In: Aging. 12 , p. 22220-22232 13 p.

Effect of long-term overfeeding of a high-energy diet on glucose tolerance in Shetland pony mares

d' Fonseca Nicky M M, Gibson Charlotte M E, van Doorn David A, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Stout Tom A E, Roelfsema Ellen May 2020, In: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 34 , p. 1339-1349 11 p.

Asynchronous Embryo Transfer Followed by Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of Conceptus Membranes and Endometrium Identifies Processes Important to the Establishment of Equine Pregnancy

Gibson Charlotte, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Bauersachs Stefan, Stout Tom A E 7 Apr 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21

Effect of the duration of estradiol priming prior to progesterone administration on endometrial gene expression in anestrous mares

Silva Elisa S M, Cuervo-Arango Juan, de Ruijter-Villani Marta, Klose Kristin, Oquendo Pedro S, Stout Tom A E Jun 2019, In: Theriogenology. 131 , p. 96-105 10 p.

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