R.J. (Rik) Verheijden MSc

R.J. (Rik) Verheijden MSc

PHD Candidate - OIO
R.J. (Rik) Verheijden MSc
  • Dept of Medical Oncology

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Research Output (15)

Highly multiplexed spatial analysis identifies tissue-resident memory T cells as drivers of ulcerative and immune checkpoint inhibitor colitis

van Eijs Mick J.M., ter Linde José J.M., Baars Matthijs J.D., Amini Mojtaba, Laclé Miangela M., Brand Eelco C., Delemarre Eveline M., Drylewicz Julia, Nierkens Stefan, Verheijden Rik J., Oldenburg Bas, Vercoulen Yvonne, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M., van Wijk Femke 20 Oct 2023, In: iScience. 26

Toxicity-specific peripheral blood T and B cell dynamics in anti-PD-1 and combined immune checkpoint inhibition

van Eijs Mick J M, Verheijden Rik J, van der Wees Stefanie A, Nierkens Stefan, van Lindert Anne S R, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M, van Wijk Femke, 4 Oct 2023, In: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 72 , p. 4049-4064 16 p.

Prognostic value of Lynch syndrome, BRAF V600E, and RAS mutational status in dMMR/MSI-H metastatic colorectal cancer in a pooled analysis of Dutch and French cohorts.

Zwart Koen, van der Baan Frederieke H, Cohen Romain, Aparicio Thomas, de la Fouchardiére Christelle, Lecomte Thierry, Punt Cornelis J A, Sefrioui David, Verheijden Rik J, Vink Geraldine R, Wensink G Emerens, Zaanan Aziz, Koopman Miriam, Tougeron David, Roodhart Jeanine M L 16 Jun 2023, In: Cancer Medicine. 12 , p. 15841-15853 13 p.

Immunosuppression for immune-related adverse events during checkpoint inhibition:an intricate balance

Verheijden Rik J, van Eijs Mick J M, May Anne M, van Wijk Femke, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M 12 May 2023, In: NPJ precision oncology. 7

Steroid Dose and Duration, Immortal Time Bias, and Survival After High-grade Immune-Related Adverse Events-Reply

van Not Olivier J, Verheijden Rik J, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M 9 Mar 2023, In: JAMA Oncology. 9 , p. 724

Time interval from primary melanoma to first distant recurrence in relation to patient outcomes in advanced melanoma

van Duin Isabella A.J., Elias Sjoerd G., van den Eertwegh Alfonsus J.M., de Groot Jan Willem B., Blokx Willeke A.M., van Diest Paul J., Leiner Tim, Verhoeff Joost J.C., Verheijden Rik J., van Not Olivier J., Aarts Maureen J.B., van den Berkmortel Franchette W.P.J., Blank Christian U., Haanen John B.A.G., Hospers Geke A.P., Kamphuis Anna M., Piersma Djura, van Rijn Rozemarijn S., van der Veldt Astrid A.M., Vreugdenhil Gerard, Wouters Michel W.J.M., Stevense-den Boer Marion A.M., Boers-Sonderen Marye J., Kapiteijn Ellen, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M. 2023, In: International Journal of Cancer. 152 , p. 2493-2502 10 p.

Association of Immune-Related Adverse Event Management With Survival in Patients With Advanced Melanoma

van Not Olivier J, Verheijden Rik J, van den Eertwegh Alfonsus J M, Haanen John B A G, Aarts Maureen J B, van den Berkmortel Franchette W P J, Blank Christian U, Boers-Sonderen Marye J, de Groot Jan-Willem B, Hospers Geke A P, Kamphuis Anna M, Kapiteijn Ellen, May Anne M, de Meza Melissa M, Piersma Djura, van Rijn Rozemarijn, Stevense-den Boer Marion A, van der Veldt Astrid A M, Vreugdenhil Gerard, Blokx Willeke A M, Wouters Michel J M, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M 27 Oct 2022, In: JAMA Oncology. 8 , p. 1794-1801 8 p.

Frailty and checkpoint inhibitor toxicity in older patients with melanoma

Bruijnen Cheryl P., Koldenhof José J., Verheijden Rik J., van den Bos Frederiek, Emmelot-Vonk Mariëlle H., Witteveen Petronella O., Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M. 2022, In: Cancer. 128 , p. 2746-2752 7 p.

Patient-reported outcomes during checkpoint inhibition:insight into symptom burden in daily clinical practice

Koldenhof J J, van der Baan F H, Verberne E G, Kamphuis A M, Verheijden R J, Tonk E H, van Lindert A S, van der Stap J, Teunissen S C, Witteveen P O, Suijkerbuijk K P 2022, In: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 63 , p. 997-1005 9 p.

TNF inhibition for immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced irAEs:the jury is still out

Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M, Verheijden Rik J 8 Jun 2021, In: Nature Reviews. Rheumatology. 17 , p. 505 1 p.

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