G.J. (Gisela) van der Velden PhD

G.J. (Gisela) van der Velden PhD

Assistant Professor
G.J. (Gisela) van der Velden PhD
  • Master Degree Course Biomedical Sciences



Gisela was trained as a biomedical researcher and has researched HIV/AIDS (PhD, AMC Amsterdam) and antibiotic resistance (post-doc, Hubrecht Institute). From 2015-2020 she is a policy adviser for the Bachelor programme Biomedical Sciences. In her role she was responsible for a number of portfolios, including Internationalisation, Selection and admissions, the programme's Strategic Plan, the Education and Examination Regulations and she contributed actively to the taskforce Diversity and Inclusion of UMC Utrecht. Since April 2020 she is Assistant Professor Educational Innovation for the master's programme Biomedical Sciences, where she develops education on Diversity and Inclusion in research. She also researches the interventions. She is a member of the Core team D&I UMC Utrecht and she also represents the Faculty of Medicine in the EDI Steering Committee of UU. 

Research Output (8)

Peer-mentorship and first-year inclusion:building belonging in higher education

van der Velden Gisela J, Meeuwsen John A L, Fox Christine M, Stolte Cecily, Dilaver Gönül 7 Nov 2023, In: BMC Medical Education. 23

Berkchaetoazaphilone B has antimicrobial activity and affects energy metabolism

Ouyang Xudong, Hoeksma Jelmer, van der Velden Gisela, Beenker Wouter A G, van Triest Maria H, Burgering Boudewijn M T, den Hertog Jeroen Dec 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 , p. 1-13 13 p.

An AUG codon upstream of rev and env open reading frames ensures optimal translation of the simian immunodeficiency virus Env protein

van der Velden Gisela J, Vink Monique A, Klaver Bep, Das Atze T, Berkhout Ben 5 Feb 2013, In: Virology. 436 , p. 191-200 10 p.

Upstream AUG codons in the simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239 genome regulate Rev and Env protein translation

van der Velden Gisela J, Klaver Bep, Das Atze T, Berkhout Ben Nov 2012, In: Journal of Virology. 86 , p. 12362-71 10 p.

A doxycycline-dependent human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replicates in vivo without inducing CD4+ T-cell depletion

Legrand Nicolas, van der Velden Gisela J, Fang Raphaël Ho Tsong, Douaisi Marc, Weijer Kees, Das Atze T, Blom Bianca, Uittenbogaart Christel H, Berkhout Ben, Centlivre Mireille Sep 2012, In: Journal of General Virology. 93 , p. 2017-2027 11 p.

Tat has a dual role in simian immunodeficiency virus transcription

van der Velden G.J., Vink M., Berkhout B., Das A.T. 18 Jul 2012, In: Journal of General Virology. 93 , p. 2279-2289 11 p.

Novel subtype C human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelopes cloned directly from plasma:coreceptor usage and neutralization phenotypes

Koh Willie W L, Forsman Anna, Hué Stéphane, van der Velden Gisela J, Yirrell David L, McKnight Aine, Weiss Robin A, Aasa-Chapman Marlén M I Sep 2010, In: Journal of General Virology. 91 , p. 2374-80 7 p.

The filament-specific Rep1-1 repellent of the phytopathogen Ustilago maydis forms functional surface-active amyloid-like fibrils

Teertstra W.R., van der Velden G.J., de Jong J.F., Kruijtzer J.A.W., Liskamp R.M.J., Kroon-Batenburg L.M.J., Mueller W.H., Gebbink M.F.B.G., Woesten H.A.B. 21 Jan 2009, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 284 , p. 9153-9159 7 p.

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