dr. E. (Edwin) van Dellen

dr. E. (Edwin) van Dellen

Assistant Professor
  • Psychiatry

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I studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam / Academic Medical Center (2003-2012). From 2009 I combined my studies with PhD research at the department of neurology of the VU Medical Center Amsterdam, which in 2013 led to the thesis 'Lesions in the connected brain: a network perspective on brain tumors and lesional epilepsy'. I then worked as a postdoctoral physician-researcher at the VUmc Alzheimer Center, and at the Departments of Psychiatry and Intensive Care Medicine at UMC Utrecht.

From 2014 to 2019, I trained as a psychiatrist at UMC Utrecht, also working at Tergooi Ziekenhuizen, Arkin Amsterdam and at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. In 2016 I worked at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre in Australia (supervisors: Prof. Dr. Christos Pantelis and Dr. Andrew Zalesky) and was appointed as honorary fellow from 2017 to 2019. After my training, I worked as a hospital psychiatrist at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Amsterdam.

Since 2019 I work as a psychiatrist at UMC Utrecht, Affective and Psychotic Disorders Unit. I combine my clinical work with scientific research in the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Intensive Care Medicine.

I conduct research on the emergence of psychiatric symptoms and the development of predictors of the effectiveness of psychiatric treatments. In doing so, I currently focus particularly on psychotic disorders, depression and delirium, and make extensive use of MRI brain scans and electroencephalography (EEG) recordings of brain activity. Multidisciplinary collaboration is crucial here, for example with researchers from neurology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The aim of this research is to better adapt treatments to the individual, so that symptoms disappear more quickly and unnecessary side effects can be avoided.


Side Activities

Board member European Delirium Association

Member Scientific Committee Netherlands Psychiatric Association (NvvP)

At hoc lecturer for the Masterclass neuroscience for psychiatrists, LOAG, Psyfar.

Research Output (46)

Changes in perfusion, and structure of hippocampal subfields related to cognitive impairment after ECT:A pilot study using ultra high field MRI

Van der A Julia, De Jager Jesca E., van Dellen Edwin, Mandl René C.W., Somers Metten, Boks Marco P.M., Sommer Iris E.C., Nuninga Jasper O. 15 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Affective Disorders. 325 , p. 321-328 8 p.

Macroscale EEG characteristics in antipsychotic-naïve patients with first-episode psychosis and healthy controls

Dominicus L. S., Oranje B., Otte W. M., Ambrosen K. S., Düring S., Scheepers F. E., Stam C. J., Glenthøj B. Y., Ebdrup B. H., van Dellen E. 23 Jan 2023, In: Schizophrenia. 9

Postoperative delirium is associated with grey matter brain volume loss

Kant Ilse M J, de Bresser Jeroen, van Montfort Simone J T, Witkamp Theodoor D, Walraad Bob, Spies Claudia D, Hendrikse Jeroen, van Dellen Edwin, Slooter Arjen J C, 2023, In: Brain communications. 5

Muva physical activity intervention to improve social functioning in people with a severe mental illness:study protocol of a pragmatic stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

Koomen Lisanne Elisabeth Maria, van de Meent Ilona Hendrika Theodora, Deenik Jeroen, van Dellen Edwin, Schnack Hugo Gerard, van Werkhoven Henri, Swildens Wilma Elisabeth, van Meijel Berno, Staal Wouter, Jörg Frederike, Scheepers Floortje, Cahn Wiepke 11 Nov 2022, In: BMC Psychiatry. 22

Minimum spanning tree analysis of brain networks:A systematic review of network size effects, sensitivity for neuropsychiatric pathology, and disorder specificity

Blomsma N, de Rooy B, Gerritse F, van der Spek R, Tewarie P, Hillebrand A, Otte W M, Stam C J, van Dellen E Jun 2022, In: NETWORK NEUROSCIENCE. 6 , p. 301-319 19 p.

Spontaneous brain activity, graph metrics, and head motion related to prospective post-traumatic stress disorder trauma-focused therapy response

van Lutterveld Remko, Varkevisser Tim, Kouwer Karlijn, van Rooij Sanne J H, Kennis Mitzy, Hueting Martine, van Montfort Simone, van Dellen Edwin, Geuze Elbert 2022, In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 16

Interrogating Associations Between Polygenic Liabilities and Electroconvulsive Therapy Effectiveness

Luykx Jurjen J, Loef Dore, Lin Bochao, van Diermen Linda, Nuninga Jasper O, van Exel Eric, Oudega Mardien L, Rhebergen Didi, Schouws Sigfried N T M, van Eijndhoven Philip, Verwijk Esmée, Schrijvers Didier, Birkenhager Tom K, Ryan Karen M, Arts Baer, van Bronswijk Suzanne C, Kenis Gunter, Schurgers Geert, Baune Bernhard T, Arns Martijn, van Dellen Edwin E, Somers Metten, Sommer Iris E C, Boks Marco P, Gülöksüz Sinan, McLoughlin Declan M, Dols Annemiek, Rutten Bart P F 24 Oct 2021, In: Biological Psychiatry. 91 , p. 531-539 9 p.

Large-scale collaboration in ENIGMA-EEG:A perspective on the meta-analytic approach to link neurological and psychiatric liability genes to electrophysiological brain activity

Smit Dirk J.A., Andreassen Ole A., Boomsma Dorret I., Burwell Scott J., Chorlian David B., de Geus Eco J.C., Elvsåshagen Torbjørn, Gordon Reyna L., Harper Jeremy, Hegerl Ulrich, Hensch Tilman, Iacono William G., Jawinski Philippe, Jönsson Erik G., Luykx Jurjen J., Magne Cyrille L., Malone Stephen M., Medland Sarah E., Meyers Jacquelyn L., Moberget Torgeir, Porjesz Bernice, Sander Christian, Sisodiya Sanjay M., Thompson Paul M., van Beijsterveldt Catharina E.M., van Dellen Edwin, Via Marc, Wright Margaret J. Aug 2021, In: Brain and Behavior. 11

Childhood trauma is associated with reduced frontal gray matter volume:a large transdiagnostic structural MRI study

Begemann Marieke J H, Schutte Maya J L, van Dellen Edwin, Abramovic Lucija, Boks Marco P, van Haren Neeltje E M, Mandl Rene C W, Vinkers Christiaan H, Bohlken Marc M, Sommer Iris E C 3 Jun 2021, In: Psychological medicine. 53 , p. 741-749 9 p.

Author Correction: Functional connectome differences in individuals with hallucinations across the psychosis continuum

Schutte Maya J L, Bohlken Marc M, Collin Guusje, Abramovic Lucija, Boks Marco P M, Cahn Wiepke, Dauwan Meenakshi, van Dellen Edwin, van Haren Neeltje E M, Hugdahl Kenneth, Koops Sanne, Mandl René C W, Sommer Iris E C 14 Apr 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 1 p.

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