prof. dr. N.F. (Nick) Ramsey

prof. dr. N.F. (Nick) Ramsey

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Research Output (261)

The impact of etiology in lesion-symptom mapping - A direct comparison between tumor and stroke

van Grinsven E E, Smits A R, van Kessel E, Raemaekers M A H, de Haan E H F, Huenges Wajer I M C, Ruijters V J, Philippens M E P, Verhoeff J J C, Ramsey N F, Robe P A J T, Snijders T J, van Zandvoort M J E Jan 2023, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 37

Nine decades of electrocorticography:A comparison between epidural and subdural recordings

Branco Mariana P, Geukes Simon H, Aarnoutse Erik J, Ramsey Nick F, Vansteensel Mariska J 2023, In: European Journal of Neuroscience. 57 , p. 1260-1288 29 p.

Advances in human intracranial electroencephalography research, guidelines and good practices

Mercier Manuel R, Dubarry Anne-Sophie, Tadel François, Avanzini Pietro, Axmacher Nikolai, Cellier Dillan, Vecchio Maria Del, Hamilton Liberty S, Hermes Dora, Kahana Michael J, Knight Robert T, Llorens Anais, Megevand Pierre, Melloni Lucia, Miller Kai J, Piai Vitória, Puce Aina, Ramsey Nick F, Schwiedrzik Caspar M, Smith Sydney E, Stolk Arjen, Swann Nicole C, Vansteensel Mariska J, Voytek Bradley, Wang Liang, Lachaux Jean-Philippe, Oostenveld Robert 15 Oct 2022, In: NeuroImage. 260


van Grinsven E. E., Smits A. R., van Kessel E., Raemaekers M., de Haan E. H. F., Huenges-Wajer I. M. C., Ruijters V. J., Philippens M. E. P., Verhoeff J. J. C., Ramsey N. F., Robe P. A. J. T., Snijders T. J., van Zandvoort M. J. E. 5 Sep 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 24 , p. ii24

Temporal dynamics of neural responses in human visual cortex

Groen Iris I A, Piantoni Giovanni, Montenegro Stephanie, Flinker Adeen, Devore Sasha, Devinsky Orrin, Doyle Werner, Dugan Patricia, Friedman Daniel, Ramsey Nick, Petridou Natalia, Winawer Jonathan 19 Aug 2022, In: The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 42 , p. 7562-7580 19 p.

Towards predicting ECoG-BCI performance:assessing the potential of scalp-EEG <sup>*</sup>

Fahimi Hnazaee Mansoureh, Verwoert Maxime, Freudenburg Zachary V., van der Salm Sandra M.A., Aarnoutse Erik J., Leinders Sacha, Van Hulle Marc M., Ramsey Nick F., Vansteensel Mariska J. 1 Aug 2022, In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 19

Mapping Acoustics to Articulatory Gestures in Dutch:Relating Speech Gestures, Acoustics and Neural Data

Favero Paolo, Berezutskaya Julia, Ramsey Nick F., Nazarov Aleksei, Freudenburg Zachary V. 1 Jul 2022, 2022 , p. 802-806 5 p.

Towards Naturalistic Speech Decoding from Intracranial Brain Data

Berezutskaya Julia, Ambrogioni Luca, Ramsey Nick F., van Gerven Marcel A.J. 1 Jul 2022, In: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference. 2022 , p. 3100-3104 5 p.

Moving in on human motor cortex. Characterizing the relationship between body parts with non-rigid population response fields

Schellekens Wouter, Bakker Carlijn, Ramsey Nick F, Petridou Natalia Apr 2022, In: PLoS Computational Biology. 18 , p. 1-31

Open multimodal iEEG-fMRI dataset from naturalistic stimulation with a short audiovisual film

Berezutskaya Julia, Vansteensel Mariska J., Aarnoutse Erik J., Freudenburg Zachary V., Piantoni Giovanni, Branco Mariana P., Ramsey Nick F. 21 Mar 2022, In: Scientific data. 9 , p. 1-13

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