prof. dr. R.M. (Ruud) Pijnappel

prof. dr. R.M. (Ruud) Pijnappel

Full Professor
prof. dr. R.M. (Ruud) Pijnappel
  • Radiology

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Ruud Pijnappel studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He did his residency in Radiology with the OLVG, Amsterdam. After finalizing his PhD thesis on the diagnosis of nonpalpable breast lesions (2002, Utrecht), he held several positions with the Breast Radiology department of the Martini hospital (Groningen) and the Dutch Reference Centre for Screening (LCRB, Nijmegen). From 2011 to 2015 he was president of the Dutch College of Breast Imaging (DCBI). In 2012 he joined the Radiology staff of the UMC Utrecht; in 2015 he was appointed both Professor of Breast Radiology at the UMC Utrecht, and CEO of the Dutch Expert Centre for Screening.

Side Activities

CEO Dutch Expert Centre for Screening, LRCB*

Member of scientific advisory board Borstkanker Vereniging Nederland (BVN)*

Member of the working group on The Dutch Guideline for Screening on Breast Cancer*

President of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI)*

Member of Program Committee Breast cancer Screening, Center for Population Screening of National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven*

Member of the National Evaluation Team Breast Cancer Screening (LETB)*

Consultant for Hologic (2022 only)

*: unpaid

Research Output (110)

Automated rating of background parenchymal enhancement in MRI of extremely dense breasts without compromising the association with breast cancer in the DENSE trial

Wang Hui, H.M.van der Velden Bas, Verburg Erik, Bakker Marije F., Pijnappel Ruud M., Veldhuis Wouter B., van Gils Carla H., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A. Jun 2024, In: European Journal of Radiology. 175

Diagnostic accuracy of supplemental three-dimensional breast ultrasound in the work-up of BI-RADS 0 screening recalls

den Dekker Bianca M, Broeders Mireille J M, Meeuwis Carla, Setz-Pels Wikke, Venmans Alexander, van Gils Carla H, Pijnappel Ruud M 31 May 2024, In: Insights into Imaging. 15

EUSOMA quality indicators for non-metastatic breast cancer:An update

Rubio Isabel T, Marotti Lorenza, Biganzoli Laura, Aristei Cynthia, Athanasiou Alexandra, Campbell Christine, Cardoso Fatima, Cardoso Maria Joao, Coles Charlotte E, Eicher Manuela, Harbeck Nadia, Karakatsanis Andreas, Offersen Birgitte V, Pijnappel Ruud, Ponti Antonio, Regitnig Peter, Santini Donatella, Sardanelli Francesco, Spanic Tanja, Varga Zsuzsanna, Vrancken Peeters Marie Jeanne T F D, Wengström Yvonne, Wyld Lynda, Curigliano Giuseppe Feb 2024, In: European Journal of Cancer. 198 27 p.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer incidence and tumor stage in the Netherlands and Norway:A population-based study

Eijkelboom Anouk H., de Munck Linda, Larsen Marthe, Bijlsma Maarten J., Tjan-Heijnen Vivianne C.G., van Gils Carla H., Broeders Mireille J.M., Nygård Jan F., Lobbes Marc B.I., Helsper Charles W., Pijnappel Ruud M., Strobbe Luc J.A., Wesseling Jelle, Hofvind Solveig, Siesling Sabine Dec 2023, In: Cancer Epidemiology. 87 10 p.

Assessing Quantitative Parenchymal Features at Baseline Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI and Cancer Occurrence in Women with Extremely Dense Breasts

Wang Hui, van der Velden Bas H.M., Verburg Erik, Bakker Marije F., Pijnappel Ruud M., Veldhuis Wouter B., van Gils Carla H., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A. Aug 2023, In: Radiology. 308

European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) guidelines on the management of axillary lymphadenopathy after COVID-19 vaccination:2023 revision

Schiaffino Simone, Pinker Katja, Cozzi Andrea, Magni Veronica, Athanasiou Alexandra, Baltzer Pascal A T, Camps Herrero Julia, Clauser Paola, Fallenberg Eva M, Forrai Gabor, Fuchsjäger Michael H, Gilbert Fiona J, Helbich Thomas, Kilburn-Toppin Fleur, Kuhl Christiane K, Lesaru Mihai, Mann Ritse M, Panizza Pietro, Pediconi Federica, Sardanelli Francesco, Sella Tamar, Thomassin-Naggara Isabelle, Zackrisson Sophia, Pijnappel Ruud M 19 Jul 2023, In: Insights into Imaging. 14 , p. 1-5

Radiofrequency localization of nonpalpable breast cancer in a multicentre prospective cohort study:feasibility, clinical acceptability, and safety

Christenhusz Anke, den Dekker Bianca M, van Dalen Thijs, Jongen Lisa, van der Schaaf Margreet C, Alic Lejla, Ten Haken Bennie, Pijnappel Ruud M, Dassen Anneriet E 15 Jun 2023, In: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 201 , p. 67-75 9 p.

The dilemma of recalling well-circumscribed masses in a screening population:A narrative literature review and exploration of Dutch screening practice

Geertse Tanya D., van der Waal Daniëlle, Vreuls Willem, Tetteroo Eric, Duijm Lucien E.M., Pijnappel Ruud M., Broeders Mireille J.M. Jun 2023, In: Breast. 69 , p. 431-440 10 p.

Long-term Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Is Associated with Contralateral Parenchymal Enhancement at MRI:Outcomes of the SELECT Study

Ragusi Max A.A., van der Velden Bas H.M., Meeuwis Carla, Tetteroo Eric, Coerkamp Emile G., van Nijnatten Thiemo J.A., Jansen Frits H., Wolters-Van Der Ben Elian J.M., Jongen Lisa, van Raamt Fleur, Dorrius Monique D., Verloop Janneke, Viergever Max A., Pijnappel Ruud M., Elias Sjoerd G., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A. May 2023, In: Radiology. 307 , p. 1-8

International Interobserver Variability of Breast Density Assessment

Portnow Leah H, Choridah Lina, Kardinah Kardinah, Handarini Triwulan, Pijnappel Ruud, Bluekens Adriana M J, Duijm Lucien E M, Schoub Peter K, Smilg Pamela S, Malek Liat, Leung Jessica W T, Raza Sughra 29 Apr 2023, In: Journal of the American College of Radiology. 20 , p. 671-684 14 p.

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