prof. dr. S.M.A. Lens

prof. dr. S.M.A. Lens

Full Professor
prof. dr. S.M.A. Lens
  • Group Lens, section Molecular Cancer Research

Research Programs


Side Activities

Organizer of the EMBO Workshop on Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy (2013)

Member of the NWO Rubicon evaluation committee (2015)

Member of the NWO-ALW Open Program evaluation committee (2016)

ERC Advanced Grant Evaluation panel memberĀ (2017/2018)

Member evaluation committee of the Max Puritz Labs, Univ. of Vienna, Austria (2019)

Member programme committee of Life NWO (2020)

Chair programme committee of Life NWO (2021 and 2022)

PI of Oncode Institute

Research Output (84)

A kinesin-based approach for inducing chromosome-specific mis-segregation in human cells

Truong My Anh, Cané-Gasull Paula, de Vries Sippe G., Nijenhuis Wilco, Wardenaar René, Kapitein Lukas C., Foijer Floris, Lens Susanne M.A. 2023, In: EMBO Journal. 42 35 p.

Mechanistic basis for Sgo1-mediated centromere localization and function of the CPC

Abad Maria Alba, Gupta Tanmay, Hadders Michael A, Meppelink Amanda, Wopken J Pepijn, Blackburn Elizabeth, Zou Juan, Gireesh Anjitha, Buzuk Lana, Kelly David A, McHugh Toni, Rappsilber Juri, Lens Susanne M A, Jeyaprakash A Arockia 1 Aug 2022, In: The Journal of cell biology. 221 , p. 1-22

Nuclear chromosome locations dictate segregation error frequencies

Klaasen Sjoerd J, Truong My Anh, van Jaarsveld Richard H, Koprivec Isabella, Štimac Valentina, de Vries Sippe G, Risteski Patrik, Kodba Snježana, Vukušić Kruno, de Luca Kim L, Marques Joana F, Gerrits Elianne M, Bakker Bjorn, Foijer Floris, Kind Jop, Tolić Iva M, Lens Susanne M A, Kops Geert J P L 21 Jul 2022, In: Nature. 607 , p. 604–609 6 p.

FER regulates endosomal recycling and is a predictor for adjuvant taxane benefit in breast cancer

Tavares Sandra, Liv Nalan, Pasolli Milena, Opdam Mark, Rätze Max A K, Saornil Manuel, Sluimer Lilian M, Hengeveld Rutger C C, van Es Robert, van Werkhoven Erik, Vos Harmjan, Rehmann Holger, Burgering Boudewijn M T, Oosterkamp Hendrika M, Lens Susanne M A, Klumperman Judith, Linn Sabine C, Derksen Patrick W B 5 Apr 2022, In: Cell Reports. 39 , p. 1-24

Leave no sister behind

Hadders Michael A., Lens Susanne M.A. 16 Nov 2021, In: Cell Reports. 37 , p. 1-2

A highly conserved pocket on PP2A-B56 is required for hSgo1 binding and cohesion protection during mitosis

Ueki Yumi, Hadders Michael A., Weisser Melanie B., Nasa Isha, Sotelo-Parrilla Paula, Cressey Lauren E., Gupta Tanmay, Hertz Emil P. T., Kruse Thomas, Montoya Guillermo, Jeyaprakash A. Arockia, Kettenbach Arminja, Lens Susanne M. A., Nilsson Jakob 11 May 2021, In: EMBO Reports. 22 , p. 1-13

Delaying the final cut:A close encounter of checkpoint kinases at the midbody

Hadders Michael A, Lens Susanne M A 1 Feb 2021, In: The Journal of cell biology. 220 2 p.

Reconstructing single-cell karyotype alterations in colorectal cancer identifies punctuated and gradual diversification patterns

Bollen Yannik, Stelloo Ellen, van Leenen Petra, van den Bos Myrna, Ponsioen Bas, Lu Bingxin, van Roosmalen Markus J., Bolhaqueiro Ana C.F., Kimberley Christopher, Mossner Maximilian, Cross William C.H., Besselink Nicolle J.M., van der Roest Bastiaan, Boymans Sander, Oost Koen C., de Vries Sippe G., Rehmann Holger, Cuppen Edwin, Lens Susanne M.A., Kops Geert J.P.L., Kloosterman Wigard P., Terstappen Leon W.M.M., Barnes Chris P., Sottoriva Andrea, Graham Trevor A., Snippert Hugo J.G. 2021, In: Nature Genetics. 53 , p. 1187-1195 9 p.

Changing places:Chromosomal Passenger Complex relocation in early anaphase

Hadders Michael A, Lens Susanne M A 2021, In: Trends in Cell Biology. 32 , p. 165-176 12 p.

MKLP2 Is a Motile Kinesin that Transports the Chromosomal Passenger Complex during Anaphase

Adriaans Ingrid E., Hooikaas Peter Jan, Aher Amol, Vromans Martijn J.M., van Es Robert M., Grigoriev Ilya, Akhmanova Anna, Lens Susanne M.A. 6 Jul 2020, In: Current Biology. 30 , p. 2628-2637.e9

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