prof. dr. ir. H.M. (Hester M.) den Ruijter

prof. dr. ir. H.M. (Hester M.) den Ruijter

Full Professor
prof. dr. ir. H.M. (Hester M.) den Ruijter
  • Department of Cardiology

Research Programs

Circulatory Health



Welcome to my page. Let me introduce myself, I am Hester den Ruijter, Professor of Cardiovascular disease in women. My aim is to translate knowledge from experimental research to the patient. In women, the diagnosis of heart disease is a problem. Most available diagnostics for heart disease have been tested in men and directly translated to women. Nowadays we are increasingly becoming aware that male-derived tests do not always detect heart disease in women. There are interesting sex differences in the pathophysiology of heart disease that may explain why diagnostic tests developed in men fail to detect heart disease in women. Therefore, my goal is to obtain novel biomarkers that facilitate the diagnosis of heart disease in women. If you have any questions regarding my research, you are welcome to contact me.

Side Activities

  • Member of Dekker committee, Dutch Heart Foundation

    1 Jan 2022 → 1 Jan 2025

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    Research Council Member, Swiss National Science Foundation SNF

    1 Jan 2022 → 1 Jan 2023

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    Committee member Klinische Fellows, ZonMw

    1 Jan 2022 → 1 Jan 2027

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    Supervisory committee member , Stichting LEEFH

    1 Jun 2021 → …

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    Committee member , Health Holland

    1 Jun 2020 → 1 Jun 2025

Fellowship and Awards

Agnites Vrolikprijs award for research impact UU (2019)

AHA Scott Grundy Award for Excellence in Metabolism Research (2010)

Research Output (217)

Diastolic dysfunction and sex-specific progression to HFpEF:current gaps in knowledge and future directions

van Ommen A M L N, Canto E Dal, Cramer Maarten J, Rutten F H, Onland-Moret N C, Ruijter H M den 27 Dec 2022, In: BMC Medicine. 20 , p. 1-16

Development and validation of a prediction rule for patients suspected of acute coronary syndrome in primary care: a cross-sectional study

Wouters Loes T. C. M., Zwart Dorien L. M., Erkelens Daphne C. A., Adriaansen Elisabeth J. M., den Ruijter Hester M., De Groot Esther, Damoiseaux Roger A. M. J., Hoes Arno W., van Smeden Maarten, Rutten Frans H. 5 Oct 2022, In: BMJ Open. 12

Clinical Phenotypes of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction to Select Preclinical Animal Models

van Ham Willem B, Kessler Elise L, Oerlemans Marish I F J, Handoko M Louis, Sluijter Joost P G, van Veen Toon A B, den Ruijter Hester M, de Jager Saskia C A Aug 2022, In: JACC: Basic to Translational Science. 7 , p. 844-857 14 p.

The HFA-PEFF score identifies 'early-HFpEF' phenogroups associated with distinct biomarker profiles

Henkens Michiel T H M, van Ommen Anne-Mar, Remmelzwaal Sharon, Valstar Gideon B, Wang Ping, Verdonschot Job A J, Hazebroek Mark R, Hofstra Leonard, van Empel Vanessa P M, Beulens Joline W J, den Ruijter Hester M, Heymans Stephane R B Jun 2022, In: ESC heart failure. 9 , p. 2032-2036 5 p.

Unravelling the Difference Between Men and Women in Post-CABG Survival

Schmidt Amand F, Haitjema Saskia, Sartipy Ulrik, Holzmann Martin J, Malenka David J, Ross Cathy S, van Gilst Wiek, Rouleau Jean L, Meeder Annelijn M, Baker Robert A, Shiomi Hiroki, Kimura Takeshi, Tran Lavinia, Smith Julian A, Reid Christopher M, Asselbergs Folkert W, den Ruijter Hester M 13 Apr 2022, In: Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 9 , p. 1-7

False Utopia of One Unifying Description of the Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque:A Call for Recalibration That Appreciates the Diversity of Mechanisms Leading to Atherosclerotic Disease

Pasterkamp Gerard, den Ruijter Hester M, Giannarelli Chiara 10 Feb 2022, In: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 42 , p. E86-E95

Intersecting single-cell transcriptomics and genome-wide association studies identifies crucial cell populations and candidate genes for atherosclerosis

Slenders Lotte, Landsmeer Lennart P L, Cui Kai, Depuydt Marie A C, Verwer Maarten, Mekke Joost, Timmerman Nathalie, van den Dungen Noortje A M, Kuiper Johan, de Winther Menno P J, Prange Koen H M, Ma Wei Feng, Miller Clint L, Aherrahrou Redouane, Civelek Mete, de Borst Gert J, de Kleijn Dominique P V, Asselbergs Folkert W, den Ruijter Hester M, Boltjes Arjan, Pasterkamp Gerard, van der Laan Sander W, Mokry Michal Jan 2022, In: European heart journal open. 2

Transcriptomic-based clustering of human atherosclerotic plaques identifies subgroups with different underlying biology and clinical presentation

Mokry Michal, Boltjes Arjan, Slenders Lotte, Bel-Bordes Gemma, Cui Kai, Brouwer Eli, Mekke Joost M., Depuydt Marie A. C., Timmerman Nathalie, Waissi Farahnaz, Verwer Maarten C., Turner Adam W., Khan Mohammad Daud, Hodonsky Chani J., Diez Benavente Ernest, Hartman Robin J. G., van den Dungen Noortje A. M., Lansu Nico, Nagyova Emilia, Prange Koen H. M., Kovacic Jason C., Björkegren Johan L. M., Pavlos Eleftherios, Andreakos Evangelos, Schunkert Heribert, Owens Gary K., Monaco Claudia, Finn Aloke V., Virmani Renu, Leeper Nicholas J., de Winther Menno P. J., Kuiper Johan, de Borst Gert J., Stroes Erik S. G., Civelek Mete, de Kleijn Dominique P. V., den Ruijter Hester M., Asselbergs Folkert W., van der Laan Sander W., Miller Clint L., Pasterkamp Gerard 2022, In: Nature Cardiovascular Research. 1 , p. 1140-1155 16 p.

Electrocardiographic Features of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction and Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction:A Systematic Review

Van Ommen Anne-Mar, Kessler Elise Laura, Valstar Gideon, Onland-Moret N Charlotte, Cramer Maarten Jan, Rutten Frans, Coronel Ruben, Den Ruijter Hester 17 Dec 2021, In: Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 8 , p. 1-11

The changing landscape of the vulnerable plaque:a call for fine-tuning of preclinical models

Buono Michele F, Slenders Lotte, Wesseling Marian, Hartman Robin J G, Monaco Claudia, den Ruijter Hester M, Pasterkamp Gerard, Mokry Michal Dec 2021, In: Vascular Pharmacology. 141 , p. 1-10

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