prof. dr. ir. E.P.J.G. (Edwin) Cuppen

prof. dr. ir. E.P.J.G. (Edwin) Cuppen

Full Professor
prof. dr. ir. E.P.J.G. (Edwin) Cuppen
  • Group Van Mil, section Molecular Cancer Research



Edwin Cuppen is initiator and scientific director of the Hartwig Medical Foundation (part-time since 2015 and full time since 2021), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve cancer care by systematic whole genome sequencing analysis of tumors and that also maintains one of the world’s largest databases of cancer whole genome sequencing data enriched with clinical patient data. After his undergraduate and PhD training at Wageningen University and Radboud University Nijmegen as a molecular geneticist, he held research and group leader positions at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Hubrecht Institute and the UMC Utrecht. His expertise is in cancer genomics and functional genetics.

Side Activities

Academic advisory activities

Scientific Advisory Board InteRNA Technologies BV (miRNA-based therapeutics) (personal remuneration)

Advisory Board Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Illumina (remuneration transfered to employer)

Employment at other organisation

Full time Scientific Director Hartwig Medical Foundation

Minimal appointment at UMC Utrecht

Fellowship and Awards

European Young Investigator Award 2005

NWO Vici grant 2013

Research Output (382)

Genomic Alterations Associated with Estrogen Receptor Pathway Activity in Metastatic Breast Cancer Have a Differential Impact on Downstream ER Signaling

Angus Lindsay, Smid Marcel, Wilting Saskia M, Bos Manouk K, Steeghs Neeltje, Konings Inge R H M, Tjan-Heijnen Vivianne C G, van Riel Johanna M G H, van de Wouw Agnes J, Cpct Consortium , Cuppen Edwin, Lolkema Martijn P, Jager Agnes, Sleijfer Stefan, Martens John W M 4 Sep 2023, In: Cancers. 15 14 p.

The genomic and transcriptomic landscape of advanced renal cell cancer for individualized treatment strategies

de Joode K, van de Geer W S, van Leenders G J L H, Hamberg P, Westgeest H M, Beeker A, Oosting S F, van Rooijen J M, Beerepoot L V, Labots M, Mathijssen R H J, Lolkema M P, Cuppen E, Sleijfer S, van de Werken H J G, van der Veldt A A M 3 Jul 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13 , p. 1-15

Pan-cancer whole-genome comparison of primary and metastatic solid tumours

Martínez-Jiménez Francisco, Movasati Ali, Brunner Sascha Remy, Nguyen Luan, Priestley Peter, Cuppen Edwin, Van Hoeck Arne 8 Jun 2023, In: Nature. 618 , p. 333-341 9 p.

Genetic immune escape landscape in primary and metastatic cancer

Martínez-Jiménez Francisco, Priestley Peter, Shale Charles, Baber Jonathan, Rozemuller Erik, Cuppen Edwin May 2023, In: Nature Genetics. 55 , p. 820-831 12 p.

The genome-wide mutational consequences of DNA hypomethylation

Besselink Nicolle, Keijer Janneke, Vermeulen Carlo, Boymans Sander, de Ridder Jeroen, van Hoeck Arne, Cuppen Edwin, Kuijk Ewart 27 Apr 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13

Identifying somatic changes in drug transporters using whole genome and transcriptome sequencing data of advanced tumors

van de Geer Wesley S., Mathijssen Ron H.J., van Riet Job, Steeghs Neeltje, Labots Mariette, van Herpen Carla, Devriese Lot A., Tjan-Heijnen Vivianne C.G., Voest Emile E., Sleijfer Stefan, Martens John W.M., Cuppen Edwin, van de Werken Harmen J.G., Bins Sander Mar 2023, In: Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy. 159

EXO1-mediated DNA repair by single-strand annealing is essential for BRCA1-deficient cells

van de Kooij B, Schreuder A, Pavani R S, Garzero V, Van Hoeck A, San Martin Alonso M, Koerse D, Wendel T J, Callen E, Boom J, Mei H, Cuppen E, Nussenzweig A, van Attikum H, Noordermeer S M 24 Feb 2023, p. 1-37 37 p.

Implementation of Whole-Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing Into Clinical Cancer Care

Cuppen Edwin, Elemento Olivier, Rosenquist Richard, Nikic Svetlana, IJzerman Maarten, Zaleski Isabelle Durand, Frederix Geert, Levin Lars-Åke, Mullighan Charles G, Buettner Reinhard, Pugh Trevor J, Grimmond Sean, Caldas Carlos, Andre Fabrice, Custers Ilse, Campo Elias, van Snellenberg Hans, Schuh Anna, Nakagawa Hidewaki, von Kalle Christof, Haferlach Torsten, Fröhling Stefan, Jobanputra Vaidehi Dec 2022, In: JCO Precision Oncology. 6

Complete genomic characterization in patients with cancer of unknown primary origin in routine diagnostics

Schipper L. J., Samsom K. G., Snaebjornsson P., Battaglia T., Bosch L. J.W., Lalezari F., Priestley P., Shale C., van den Broek A. J., Jacobs N., Roepman P., van der Hoeven J. J.M., Steeghs N., Vollebergh M. A., Marchetti S., Cuppen E., Meijer G. A., Voest E. E., Monkhorst K. Dec 2022, In: ESMO open. 7

MutationalPatterns:the one stop shop for the analysis of mutational processes

Manders Freek, Brandsma Arianne M, de Kanter Jurrian, Verheul Mark, Oka Rurika, van Roosmalen Markus J, van der Roest Bastiaan, van Hoeck Arne, Cuppen Edwin, van Boxtel Ruben Dec 2022, In: BMC Genomics. 23 , p. 1-18

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