dr. D.L.M. Zwart

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  • Department of General Practice
  • Julius Center Research

dr. D.L.M. Zwart

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Dorien Zwart, M.D., Ph.D, is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of General Practice in the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care at University Medical Center Utrecht. She also practices as a Family Physician at the Primary Health Care Center De Bilt.Zwart's research primarily focuses patient safety and quality in general practice, and within this scope, she is developing and supervising a research portfolio as part of healthcare innovation research in Julius Center of Health Science and Primary Care. This portfolio includes projects on transitional safety, medication safety and diagnostic safety, respectively. Current projects are: theTransitional Incident Prevention Program (TIPP), which centers on safety in patient transitions between primary and secondary care, a trial on pharmacotherapy optimization through integration of a non-dispensing pharmacist in a primary care team (POINT) and a study aiming at analysis and improvement of telephonic triage of patients with complaints that are suspect for acute cardiovascular disease (Safety First). Beside her research on patient safety, she co-supervises the academic medical education research within her department, where, as head of curricular education, she is responsible for innovation and development of the bachelor's and master’s general practice program as part of the study of medicine. Focus on interprofessional learning and patient centeredness bridges her research work in patient safety with medical education. Zwart received her medical degree from the University of Groningen, her medical specialty degree from the University Medical Center Utrecht and her doctorate from the University of Utrecht.

Research Output (70)

Accuracy of telephone triage in patients suspected of transient ischaemic attack or stroke:a cross-sectional study

Erkelens Daphne C, Rutten Frans H, Wouters Loes T, Dolmans L Servaas, de Groot Esther, Damoiseaux Roger A, Zwart Dorien L 5 dec 2020, In: BMC Family Practice. 21

Accuracy of telephone triage in primary care patients with chest discomfort:a cross-sectional study

Wouters Loes Tcm, Rutten Frans H, Erkelens Daphne Ca, De Groot Esther, Damoiseaux Roger Amj, Zwart Dorien Lm aug 2020, In: Open Heart. 7 , p. e001376

Limited reliability of experts' assessment of telephone triage in primary care patients with chest discomfort

Erkelens D C, Rutten F H, Wouters L T, de Groot E, Damoiseaux R A, Hoes A W, Zwart D L 27 jul 2020, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 127 , p. 117-124 8 p.

Chest discomfort at night and risk of acute coronary syndrome:cross-sectional study of telephone conversations

Wouters Loes, Zwart Dorien, Erkelens Carmen, de Groot Esther, Damoiseaux Roger, Hoes Arno, Rutten Frans 1 jun 2020, In: The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners. 70 , p. 70

Missed acute coronary syndrome during telephone triage at out-of-hours primary care:lessons from a case-control study

Erkelens Carmen, Rutten Frans, Wouters Loes, de Groot Esther, Damoiseaux Roger, Hoes Arno, Zwart Dorien jun 2020, In: British Journal of General Practice. 70

"Tinkering and overruling the computer decision support system:Working strategies of telephone triage-nurses who assess the urgency of callers suspected of having an acute cardiac event."

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Fostering patient-centredness by following patients outside the clinical setting:an interview study

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Learning from patients about patient-centredness:A realist review: BEME Guide No. 60

de Groot Esther, Schönrock-Adema Johanna, Zwart Dorien, Damoiseaux Roger, Van den Bogerd Kristin, Diemers Agnes, Grau Canét-Wittkampf Christel, Jaarsma Debbie, Mol Saskia, Bombeke Katrien 18 dec 2019, In: Medical Teacher. 42 , p. 380-392 13 p.

Een prachtig vak

Opstelten Wim, van der Horst Henriëtte, Cals Jochen, Damoiseaux Roger, Zwart Dorien 14 nov 2019, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 163

Non-dispensing pharmacists' actions and solutions of drug therapy problems among elderly polypharmacy patients in primary care

Hazen Ankie C. M., Zwart Dorien L. M., Poldervaart Judith M., de Gier Johan J., de Wit Niek J., de Bont Antoinette A., Bouvy Marcel L. 8 okt 2019, In: Family Practice. 36 , p. 544-551 8 p.

All Research Output (70)