prof. dr. M.C. (Marianne C.) Verhaar

Full Professor

  • Nephrology

prof. dr. M.C. (Marianne C.) Verhaar


The research of Marianne Verhaar focuses on renal and vascular regeneration and involves translational studies from basic cell studies to animal experiments and clinical trials. Het general aim is to improve care for the patient with chronic kidney disease by developing new strategies to enhance protective mechanisms against microvascular dysfunction, atherosclerotic disease and chronic kidney disease, to enhance vascular and renal regeneration and to improve renal replacement therapies. Specific interests of her group are: mechanisms underlying increased cardiovascular risk in chronic kidney disease, the realation between chronic kidney disease, microvascular dysfunction and heart failure, the role of (bone marrow-derived) stem and progenitor cells or cellular products in vascular and renal regeneration and their therapeutic potential in patients with cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease; development of renal organoids and search for renal stem cells using specific stem cell markers; investigate the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells for renal regeneration; development of a wearable artificial kidney.

Side Activities

  • Expert panel – The scientific challenge “Lab-Grown Organ Replacement “German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 2019-

    Scientific board Dutch Kidney Foundation 2019-

    European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Continuous Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Committee (Chair) 2019-

    ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board 2019-

    ERA-EDTA EUropean REnal and CArdiovascular Medicine (EURECA-m) Working Group 2015-2019

    Scientific Committee of the ERA-EDTA Berlin Meeting 2021

    Scientific Committee of the ERA-EDTA Milan Meeting 2020

    French National Research Agency (ANR) University Hospital institute Selection Committee (Chair) 2017-

    Scientific Forum of the Netherlands Heart Institute 2016-

    Science Europe Scientific Advisory Committee 2015-2018

    ZonMw Programme Committee Innovational Research Incentives Scheme Veni 2010-2018

    NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme Vidi (interdivisional) 2014

    ZonMw Programme Committee Translational Research 2010-2020

    International Review Board Academy of Finland, 2011 & 2015

    Review Committee Regenerative Medicine proposals European Committee, 2009

    Visiting professor at Renal Research Institute, New York Medical College, department of Nephrology (Prof. dr. M.S. Goligorsky) (2009)

Fellowship and Awards

  • NWO Vidi & ASPASIA grant (2008)

    NWO Veni grant (2002)

    Jaarprijs Vasculaire Biologie, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cardiologie (1998)

Research Output (288)

Evaluation of a system for sorbent-assisted peritoneal dialysis in a uremic pig model

van Gelder Maaike K, de Vries Joost C, Simonis Frank, Monninkhof Anneke S, Hazenbrink Diënty H M, Ligabue Giulia, Giovanella Silvia, Joles Jaap A, Verhaar Marianne C, Bajo Rubio Maria A, Selgas Rafael, Cappelli Gianni, Gerritsen Karin G F dec 2020, In: Physiological Reports [E]. 8 14 p.

Dosage reduction of low weight heparin in patients with renal dysfunction:Effects on anti-Xa levels and clinical outcomes

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Matrix Metalloproteinases and Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases in Extracellular Matrix Remodeling during Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction:A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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H3K27ac acetylome signatures reveal the epigenomic reorganization in remodeled non-failing human hearts

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Drugs Commonly Applied to Kidney Patients May Compromise Renal Tubular Uremic Toxins Excretion

Mihaila Silvia M, Faria João, Stefens Maurice F J, Stamatialis Dimitrios, Verhaar Marianne C, Gerritsen Karin G F, Masereeuw Rosalinde 12 jun 2020, In: Toxins. 12 16 p.

Kidney Organoids and Tubuloids

Yousef Yengej Fjodor A, Jansen Jitske, Rookmaaker Maarten B, Verhaar Marianne C, Clevers Hans jun 2020, In: Cells. 9 20 p.

Extracellular Matrix Analysis of Human Renal Arteries in Both Quiescent and Active Vascular State

van Dijk Christian G M, Louzao-Martinez Laura, van Mulligen Elise, Boermans Bart, Demmers Jeroen A A, van den Bosch Thierry P P, Goumans Marie-José, Duncker Dirk J, Verhaar Marianne C, Cheng Caroline jun 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21 18 p.

Innovations in approaches to remove uraemic toxins

Masereeuw Rosalinde, Verhaar Marianne C 7 mei 2020, In: Nature Reviews. Nephrology. 16 , p. 552-553 2 p.

Both male and female obese ZSF1 rats develop cardiac dysfunction in obesity-induced heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Nguyen Isabel T N, Brandt Maarten M, van de Wouw Jens, van Drie Ruben W A, Wesseling Marian, Cramer Maarten J, de Jager Saskia C A, Merkus Daphne, Duncker Dirk J, Cheng Caroline, Joles Jaap A, Verhaar Marianne C 6 mei 2020, In: PLoS ONE. 15 , p. e0232399

A new microfluidic model that allows monitoring of complex vascular structures and cell interactions in a 3D biological matrix

van Dijk Christian G M, Brandt Maarten M, Poulis Nikolaos, Anten Jonas, van der Moolen Matthijs, Kramer Liana, Homburg Erik F G A, Louzao-Martinez Laura, Pei Jiayi, Krebber Merle M, van Balkom Bas W M, de Graaf Petra, Duncker Dirk J, Verhaar Marianne C, Luttge Regina, Cheng Caroline 24 apr 2020, In: Lab on a chip. 20 , p. 1827-1844 18 p.

All Research Output (288)