dr. R.A.P. (Reinier) Raijmakers

Associate Professor - medical

  • Department of Medical Oncology

dr. R.A.P. (Reinier) Raijmakers

Research Output (70)

EBV-related lymphoma after long-term daratumumab treatment:a case report

Verpoorte-Botden Ilse P G, Minnema Monique C, Raymakers Reinier A P 1 nov 2020, In: Blood cancer journal. 10 , p. 113

Proteomic markers with prognostic impact on outcome of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients under chemo-immunotherapy:results from the HOVON 109 study

Saberi Hosnijeh Fatemeh, van der Straten Lina, Kater Arnon P., van Oers Marinus H.J., Posthuma Ward F.M., Chamuleau Martine E.D., Bellido Mar, Doorduijn Jeanette K., van Gelder Michel, Hoogendoorn Mels, de Boer Fransien, te Raa G. Doreen, Kerst J. Martijn, Marijt Erik W.A., Raymakers Reinier A.P., Koene Harry R., Schaafsma Martijn R., Dobber Johan A., Tonino Sanne H., Kersting Sabina S., Langerak Anton W., Levin Mark David sep 2020, In: Experimental Hematology. 89 , p. 55-60.e6

Early discontinuation of empirical antibiotic treatment in neutropenic patients with acute myeloid leukaemia and high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome

Niessen F. A., Van Mourik M. S.M., Bruns A. H.W., Raijmakers R. A.P., De Groot M. C.H., Van Der Bruggen T. 27 mei 2020, In: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control. 9 10 p.

Dexamethasone synergizes with MCL-1 inhibition in multiple myeloma through suppression of S6 phosphorylation

Spaan Ingrid, Timmerman Laura, Kimman Thoman, Slomp Anne, Cuenca Marta, Minnema Monique, Raymakers Reinier, Peperzak Victor okt 2019, In: Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia. 19 , p. E110-E110

Ruxolitinib in Myelofibrosis and Baseline Thrombocytopenia in Real Life:Results in Dutch Patients and Review of the Literature

Slot Stefanie, Raymakers Reinier A P, Schaap Nicolaas, Span Lambert F R, Koene Harry R, Kersting Sabina, Te Boekhorst Peter A W, Westerman Matthijs, Schouten Harry C, Zweegman Sonja okt 2019, In: Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia. 19 , p. 624-634 11 p.

Cardiac amyloidosis:the need for early diagnosis

Oerlemans M. I.F.J., Rutten K. H.G., Minnema M. C., Raymakers R. A.P., Asselbergs F. W., de Jonge Nicolaas 29 jul 2019, In: Netherlands Heart Journal. 27 , p. 525-536 12 p.

Fludarabine exposure in the conditioning prior to allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation predicts outcomes

Langenhorst J. B., van Kesteren C., van Maarseveen E. M., Dorlo T. P. C., Nierkens Stefan, Lindemans C. A., de Witte M. A., van Rhenen A., Raijmakers R., Bierings M., Kuball J., Huitema A. D. R., Boelens J. J. 23 jul 2019, In: Blood Advances. 3 , p. 2179-2187 9 p.

Neutrophilic leukemoid reaction with extended fibrosis due to ectopic G-CSF production

Andriessen M V E, Raymakers R 2 mei 2019, In: Blood. 133 , p. 1999

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor levels matter in treating chronic GVHD

van der Wagen Lotte, Janssen Julie, Raijmakers Reinier, Petersen Eefke, de Witte Moniek, de Jong Niels, Bellido Mar, Meijer Ellen, Bär Brigitte, Jan Boelens Jaap, Huitema Alwin, Kuball Jürgen 16 jan 2019, In: Bone Marrow Transplantation. 54 , p. 1141-1144 4 p.

First Results of a Prospective I/II Clinical Trial in Adult Patients Using TCR Alpha/Beta Depleted Stem Cell Transplantation from Matched Related and Unrelated Donors

De Witte Moniek, Van Rhenen Anna, Van Sluis Geerte, Admiraal Rick, van der Wagen Lotte, Petersen Eefke J., Raymakers Reinier, Minnema Monique C., Janssen Anke, Westinga Kasper, Halkes Constantijn J. M., Falkenburg J. H. Frederik, Boelens Jaap Jan, Kuball Jurgen 29 nov 2018, In: Blood. 132 , p. 2164

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