prof. dr. R.J. (Jeroen) Pasterkamp

Full Professor

  • Translational Neuroscience

prof. dr. R.J. (Jeroen) Pasterkamp


Jeroen Pasterkamp obtained his PhD degree at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with Joost Verhaagen and Dick Swaab. He carried out postdoctoral research at the Department of Neuroscience of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA. In 2005, he joined the Department of Translational Neuroscience of the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, where he is currently appointed as a professor of translational neuroscience.

His research focuses on understanding 1) the signaling events and molecular mechanisms involved in the formation of neuronal connections during development, and 2) the molecular mechanisms underlying changes in or loss of neuronal connectivity during neurological disease (in particular amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and epilepsy). This research concentrates on mouse models and humanized cell models (iPSC) using an integrated approach involving molecular biology, cell biology, neuroanatomy, (in vivo) functional proteomics, imaging, HC screening, and mouse genetics.

His work was published in leading journals such as Cell, Journal of Neuroscience, Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS and he regularly contributes reviews to Current Opinion, Trends and Nature Reviews journals.

Jeroen Pasterkamp is a recipient of a NARSAD Young Investigator, and a Dan Nathans Young Investigator Award. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory board of the Dutch National Epilepsy Fund (NEF) and the Dutch Society for Developmental Biology. He organizes scientific meetings under the framework of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), EMBO, and Utrecht Summerschool series.

Research line

Neural circuit development and Translational neuroscience

Most recent key publications

1. Vangoor VR, Reschke CR, Senthilkumar K, van de Haar LL, de Wit M, Giuliani G, Broekhoven MH, Morris G, Engel T, Brennan GP, Conroy RM, van Rijen PC, Gosselaar PH, Schorge S, Schaapveld RQJ, Henshall DC, De Graan PNE, Pasterkamp RJ (2019) Antagonizing increased miR-135a levels at the chronic stage of experimental TLE reduces spontaneous recurrent seizures. J Neurosci 39, 5064-5079.
2. Ormel PR, Vieira de Sá R, van Bodegraven EJ, Karst H, Harschnitz O, Sneeboer MAM, Johansen LE, van Dijk RE, Scheefhals N, Berdenis van Berlekom A, Ribes Martínez E, Kling S, MacGillavry HD, van den Berg LH, Kahn RS, Hol EM, de Witte LD, Pasterkamp RJ (2018) Microglia innately develop within cerebral organoids. Nat Commun 9, 4167.
3. Jongbloets BC, Lemstra S, Schellino R, Broekhoven MH, Parkash J, Hellemons AJ, Mao T, Giacobini P, van Praag H, De Marchis S, Ramakers GM, Pasterkamp RJ (2017) Stage-specific functions of Semaphorin7A during adult hippocampal neurogenesis rely on distinct receptors. Nat Commun 8:14666.
4. Kong Y, Janssen BJ, Malinauskas T, Vangoor VR, Coles CH, Kaufmann R, Ni T, Gilbert RJ, Padilla-Parra S, Pasterkamp RJ*, Jones EY* (2016). Structural Basis for Plexin Activation and Regulation. Neuron 91, 548-60. *Shared senior authors.
5. Harschnitz O, van den Berg LH, Johansen LE, Jansen MD, Kling S, Vieira de Sá R, Vlam L, van Rheenen W, Karst H, Wierenga CJ, Pasterkamp RJ*, van der Pol WL* (2016). Autoantibody pathogenicity in a multifocal motor neuropathy induced pluripotent stem cell-derived model. Ann Neurol 80, 71-88. *Shared senior authors.
6. Van Erp S, van den Heuvel DMA, Fujita Y, Robinson R, Hellemons AJCGM, Adolfs Y, Van Battum EY, Blokhuis AM, Kuijpers M, Demmers J, Hedman H, Hoogenraad CC, Siebold C, Yamashita T, Pasterkamp RJ (2015) Lrig2 negatively regulates ectodomain shedding of axon guidance receptors by ADAM proteases. Dev Cell 35, 537-552.

Side Activities

  • None.

Fellowship and Awards

  • VICI, 2015
    ZonMW TOP, 2008
    VIDI, 2006
    HFSP career development award, 2005
    VENI, 2004
    NWO Talent, 2000

Research Output (138)

A systems approach delivers a functional microRNA catalog and expanded targets for seizure suppression in temporal lobe epilepsy

Venø Morten T., Reschke Cristina R., Morris Gareth, Connolly Niamh M.C., Su Junyi, Yan Yan, Engel Tobias, Jimenez-Mateos Eva M., Harder Lea M., Pultz Dennis, Haunsberger Stefan J., Pal Ajay, Heller Janosch P., Campbell Aoife, Langa Elena, Brennan Gary P., Conboy Karen, Richardson Amy, Norwood Braxton A., Costard Lara S., Neubert Valentin, Gallo Federico Del, Salvetti Beatrice, Vangoor Vamshidhar R., Sanz-Rodriguez Amaya, Muilu Juha, Fabene Paolo F., Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Prehn Jochen H.M., Schorge Stephanie, Andersen Jens S., Rosenow Felix, Bauer Sebastian, Kjems Jørgen, Henshall David C. 7 jul 2020, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117 , p. 15977-15988 12 p.

Deciphering the Proteome Dynamics during Development of Neurons Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Varderidou-Minasian Suzy, Varderidou-Minasian Suzy, Verheijen Bert M., Schätzle Philipp, Hoogenraad Casper C., Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Altelaar Maarten, Altelaar Maarten 5 jun 2020, In: Journal of Proteome Research. 19 , p. 2391-2403 13 p.

Structural basis of semaphorin-plexin cis interaction

Rozbesky Daniel, Verhagen Marieke G., Karia Dimple, Nagy Gergely N., Alvarez Luis, Robinson Ross A., Harlos Karl, Padilla-Parra Sergi, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Jones Edith Yvonne 1 jan 2020, In: EMBO Journal. 39

TRPC3 is a major contributor to functional heterogeneity of cerebellar Purkinje cells

Wu Bin, Blot François Gc, Wong Aaron Benson, Osório Catarina, Adolfs Youri, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Hartmann Jana, Becker Esther Be, Boele Henk Jan, De Zeeuw Chris I., Schonewille Martijn 1 sep 2019, In: eLife. 8

Sensory Axon growth requires spatiotemporal integration of CaSR and TrkB Signaling

Markworth Ronja, Adolfs Youri, Dambeck Vivian, Steinbeck Lars M., Lizé Muriel, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Bähr Mathias, Dean Camin, Burk Katja 24 jul 2019, In: Journal of Neuroscience. 39 , p. 5842-5860 19 p.

Antagonizing Increased miR-135a Levels at the Chronic Stage of Experimental TLE Reduces Spontaneous Recurrent Seizures

Vangoor Vamshidhar R., Reschke Cristina R., Senthilkumar Ketharini, van de Haar Lieke L., de Wit Marina, Giuliani Giuliano, Broekhoven Mark H., Morris Gareth, Engel Tobias, Brennan Gary P., Conroy Ronan M., van Rijen Peter C., Gosselaar Peter H., Schorge Stephanie, Schaapveld Roel Q.J., Henshall David C., De Graan Pierre N.E., Pasterkamp R. Jeroen 26 jun 2019, In: The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 39 , p. 5064-5079 16 p.

Mutant FUS and ELAVL4 (HuD) Aberrant Crosstalk in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

De Santis Riccardo, Alfano Vincenzo, de Turris Valeria, Colantoni Alessio, Santini Laura, Garone Maria Giovanna, Antonacci Giuseppe, Peruzzi Giovanna, Sudria-Lopez Emma, Wyler Emanuel, Anink Jasper J., Aronica Eleonora, Landthaler Markus, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Bozzoni Irene, Rosa Alessandro 25 jun 2019, In: Cell Reports. 27 , p. 3818-3831.e5

Axons Navigate Noise with 190RhoGAP

Zelina Pavol, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen 8 mei 2019, In: Neuron. 102 , p. 512-514 3 p.

HR23B pathology preferentially co-localizes with p62, pTDP-43 and poly-GA in C9ORF72-linked frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Riemslagh Frederike W., Lans Hannes, Seelaar Harro, Severijnen Lies Anne W.F.M., Melhem Shamiram, Vermeulen Wim, Aronica Eleonora, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, van Swieten John C., Willemsen Rob 13 mrt 2019, In: Acta neuropathologica communications. 7

Disrupted neuronal trafficking in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Burk Katja, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen 5 feb 2019, In: Acta Neuropathologica. 137 , p. 859-877 19 p.

All Research Output (138)