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dr. B. (Bob) Oranje

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Bob Oranje is vice director of NICHE, University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC-U), Holland, as well as senior researcher and head of the psychophysiological department of the Center for Neuropsychiatric Schizophrenia Research [CNSR], Glostrup, Denmark. Since 2009 he is lector at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Dept. of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Sensory Sciences, Copenhagen University, Denmark. Furthermore, since 2012 he is UHD at the department of Psychiatry, UMC-U, Holland, where he opened a new electrophysiological and neurocognitive lab in 2017. BO has developed a psychophysiological test-battery, the Copenhagen Psychophysiological Test Battery [CPTB]. The CPTB consists of five psychophysiological paradigms specifically designed for research on psychiatric disorders and plays a central role in the projects that he has initiated. His research primarily focusses on improving/developing medical treatment for patients with schizophrenia, autism and ADHD. Secondary goals are developing animal models for schizophrenia and determining vulnerability indicators (endophenotypes) for psychosis, schizophrenia and autism in children and adolescents, in order to try and prevent these individuals from developing these disorders later in life. As such, BO has initiated several projects, including pharmacological challenge studies in healthy volunteers, treatment studies in patients with schizophrenia, studies in children and  adolescents with developmental disorders, translational studies in animals, and a project using concurrent EEG and fMRI methodology. In addition, BO collaborates in many national and international projects. Currently, his research has been sponsored by a large number of major and minor research grants, both in Denmark and in Holland. He has been promotor, co-promotor and project-leader of a large number of preclinical and clinical projects in both Holland and Denmark.

Research line

Electrophysiologically mediated improvement of treatment for psychotic as well as developmental disorders

Most recent key publications

1: B. Oranje, B. Aggernaes, H. Rasmussen, B. H. Ebdrup, and B. Y. Glenthoj. Selective attention and mismatch negativity in antipsychotic-naive, first-episode schizophrenia patients before and after 6 months of antipsychotic monotherapy. Psychol.Med.:1-11, 2017.

2: C. Vlaskamp, B. Oranje, G. F. Madsen, J. R. Mollegaard Jepsen, S. Durston, C. Cantio, B. Glenthoj, and N. Bilenberg. Auditory processing in autism spectrum disorder: Mismatch negativity deficits. Autism Res., 2017.

3: G. F. Madsen, N. Bilenberg, J. R. Jepsen, B. Y. Glenthøj, C. Cantio, and B. Oranje. Normal P50 gating in children with autism, yet attenuated P50 amplitude in the Asperger subcategory. Autism Res. Epub, 2015.

4: L. Witten, J. F. Bastlund, B. Y. Glenthoj, C. Bundgaard, B. Steiniger-Brach, A. Mork, and B. Oranje. Comparing Pharmacological Modulation of Sensory Gating in Healthy Humans and Rats: The Effects of Reboxetine and Haloperidol. Neuropsychopharmacology, 2015.

5: N. Bak and B. Oranje. Psychophysiology-Informed (Multimodal) Imaging. Curr.Top.Behav.Neurosci. 21:371-385, 2014.

Fellowship and Awards

  • 1: ZonMW Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen (GGG, 2013 & 2015)

    2: Lundbeck foundation grants (main applicant personal salary 2009, 2010)

    3: Lundbeck Foundation Center for Neurovascular signaling

    4: Førskningsrådet for Sundhed of Sygdom (FSS) (co-applicant for postdoctoral researcher)

    5: The Capital region of Psychiatry 2012

Research Output (102)

Effects of bumetanide on neurodevelopmental impairments in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex:An open-label pilot study

Van Andel Dorinde M., Sprengers Jan J., Oranje Bob, Scheepers Floortje E., Jansen Floor E., Bruining Hilgo 7 mei 2020, In: Molecular Autism. 11

Structural and functional MRI of altered brain development in a novel adolescent rat model of quinpirole-induced compulsive checking behavior

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Serious Games as Potential Therapies:A Validation Study of a Neurofeedback Game

Coenen Femke, Scheepers Floortje E., Palmen Saskia J. M., de Onge Maretha, V, Oranje Bob 1 mrt 2020, In: Clinical EEG and neuroscience. 51 , p. 87-93 7 p.

Include me if you can!: Reasons for low enrollment of pediatric patients in a psychopharmacological trial

Haege A., Mechler K., Niemeyer L., Buitelaar J., Durston S., Gooskens B. R., Oranje B., Banaschewski T., Dittmann R. W. mrt 2020, In: Pharmacopsychiatry. 53 , p. 96-96

Altered structural brain asymmetry in autism spectrum disorder in a study of 54 datasets

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10Kin1day: A Bottom-Up Neuroimaging Initiative

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Brain Imaging of the Cortex in ADHD:A Coordinated Analysis of Large-Scale Clinical and Population-Based Samples

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Efficacy of different types of cognitive enhancers for patients with schizophrenia:a meta-analysis

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