dr. R. Levato

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  • Department of Orthopaedics

dr. R. Levato

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Dr. Riccardo Levato is Assistant Professor of Biofabrication and Regenerative Medicine at the Department of Orthopedics, University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) and at the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht. His main research focus are on the development of Biofabrication strategies to create bioprinted and lab-made tissue models, particularly for osteochondral regeneration. At UMCU, working at the frontier between engineering, biology and biomedical sciences,  he focuses especially on novel treatments for cartilage and osteochondral defects and their application in translational regenerative medicine. For his work on biofabrication, he was conferred the 2015 Julia Polak award by the European Society for Biomaterials and the 2016 Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine Young Investigator Award.  Dr. Levato worked in several research groups across Europe: 3Bs, University of Minho, (Portugal); BioMatLab, Technical University of Milan (Italy), Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC, Spain), in the field of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine, and holds a cum laude PhD in Biomedical Engineering (obtained at the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain).

Research Output (24)

Combining multi-scale 3D printing technologies to engineer reinforced hydrogel-ceramic interfaces

Diloksumpan Paweena, de Ruijter Mylène, Castilho Miguel, Gbureck Uwe, Vermonden Tina, van Weeren P René, Malda Jos, Levato Riccardo apr 2020, In: Biofabrication. 12 16 p.

Volumetric Bioprinting of Complex Living-Tissue Constructs within Seconds

Bernal Paulina Nuñez, Delrot Paul, Loterie Damien, Li Yang, Malda Jos, Moser Christophe, Levato Riccardo okt 2019, In: Advanced materials. 31

Mimicking the Articular Joint with In Vitro Models

Piluso Susanna, Li Yang, Abinzano Florencia, Levato Riccardo, Moreira Teixeira Liliana, Karperien Marcel, Leijten Jeroen, van Weeren René, Malda Jos 16 apr 2019, In: Trends in biotechnology. 37 , p. 1063-1077 15 p.

A Stimuli-Responsive Nanocomposite for 3D Anisotropic Cell-Guidance and Magnetic Soft Robotics

Tognato Riccardo, Armiento Angela R., Bonfrate Valentina, Levato Riccardo, Malda Jos, Alini Mauro, Eglin David, Giancane Gabriele, Serra Tiziano 28 feb 2019, In: Advanced Functional Materials. 29

Biofabrication:From additive manufacturing to bioprinting

Van Kampen Kenny A., Scheuring Ruben G., Terpstra Margo L., Levato Riccardo, Groll Jürgen, Malda Jos, Mota Carlos, Moroni Lorenzo 1 jan 2019, 1-3 , p. 41-55 15 p.

Fabrication of decellularized cartilage-derived matrix scaffolds

Benders Kim E.M., Terpstra Margo L., Levato Riccardo, Malda Jos 1 jan 2019, In: Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2019

Progenitor cells in auricular cartilage demonstrate cartilage-forming capacity in 3D hydrogel culture

Otto I A, Levato R, Webb W R, Khan I M, Breugem C C, Malda J 27 feb 2018, In: European Cells & Materials. 35 , p. 132-150 19 p.

Ex vivo model unravelling cell distribution effect in hydrogels for cartilage repair

Mouser Vivian H M, Dautzenberg Noël M M, Levato Riccardo, van Rijen Mattie H P, Dhert Wouter J A, Malda Jos, Gawlitta Debby 2018, In: ALTEX. 35 , p. 65-76

Bio-resin for high resolution lithography-based biofabrication of complex cell-laden constructs

Levato Riccardo, Costa Pedro F, Castilho Miguel D, Alcala-Orozco Cesar R, van Dorenmalen Kim M A, Melchels Ferry P W, Gawlitta Debby, Hooper Gary J, Malda Jos, Woodfield Tim B F 2018, In: Biofabrication. 10 , p. 034101

Assessing bioink shape fidelity to aid material development in 3D bioprinting

Ribeiro A., Blokzijl M. M., Levato R., Visser C. W., Castilho M., Hennink W. E., Vermonden T., Malda J. 30 nov 2017, In: Biofabrication. 10

All Research Output (24)